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SADD’s New Year Safety Wishes

We wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015!

To those who lost loved ones or experienced serious injuries, we send our condolences. 

SADD are very dismayed by all the deaths and injuries, all year around, and humbly make the following suggestions to Minister Dipuo Peters and the MEC’s in the 9 Provinces.

Through the implementation of these improvements this year we hope SA can move towards reaching our “Decade of Action” goal to reduce incidents by 50% before 2020.

Strictly enforcing these recognized road safety practices and having swift sentencing of the offenders, is recognized as being the most effective method in bringing down crashes.
The suggestions include:

  • Department of Transport following international road safety “Best Practices”, some of which are listed in this Newsletter.
  • Keeping accurate and up-to-date statistics, and sharing them with the public.
  • All Traffic Officers doing more random alcohol testing, enforcing buckling up in the back and front , removing unroadworthy vehicles off the roads, and with much less time being spent on speeding. 
  • Having Traffic Officers on duty 24/7, 365 days a year, and especially on weekends.
  • Having “Black Spot” locations widely publicized.  Having Traffic enforcement concentrating on these locations.
  • Placing speed traps mainly where crashes commonly occur/“Black Spots”. Putting up warning signs for speed cameras and Black Spot” markers, before these sites to encourage people to slow down and be careful. (This is a preventative measure that is highly effective.)
  • Using the money made from Traffic Fines exclusively for road safety; the payment of extra Traffic Officers and their overtime, and not putting it into the General Fiscus or Municipality coffers.
  • Passing all legal requirements and paperwork about the validity and accuracy of evidential breathalyzers as soon as possible, so that offenders are tried soon after the offence and taken off the roads. (Evidential breathalyzers are exceptionally accurate, used very widely in countries that have reduced drink driving significantly, and allow for swift sentencing)
  • With drink driving, Traffic Officers and SAPS using the main charge of the National Road Traffic Act (NRTA), as far as possible, until the evidential breathalyzer is legal again or the bloods banks are functioning optimally.
  • MAIN CHARGE Sec 65 (1.): “No person shall on a public road- 
a) drive a vehicle
b) occupy a driver’s seat of a vehicle the engine of which is running while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drug having narcotic effect. “
(What is required here is proof that the person was driving, and that their driving was impaired by the alcohol. An extremely thorough examination and documentation of behaviour and symptoms is therefore very necessary. This main charge stands up very well in Court, and should be encouraged and used more often).
  • Training all SAPS and Traffic Officials about evidential breathalyzers, alcohol, drink driving, court procedures, about the Main Count vs blood and breath alcohol tests, so this will lead to successful prosecutions.
  • Setting up special Traffic Offences/Drink Driving Courts, so offences are dealt with quickly, Magistrates/Judges and Public Prosecutors understand the seriousness of the crimes they are prosecuting and so they can give prohibitive and appropriate sentences.
  •  Ensuring that no vehicle involved in a crash may be moved until both drivers are tested for alcohol and/or drugs.
  •  Having all provinces making many signs, saying “Keep Left. ONLY Pass Right”, and enforcing this.
  • Ensuring Traffic Officers are proactive before bicycle and scooter deaths escalate dramatically.  We need helmet enforcement on bicycles, and should only allow cyclists to cycle on the Left hand side of the road. 
  • Starting “The Name and Shame campaign” again. RTMC must publish the names of convicted drink drivers, and alcohol/drink-driving education, in the newspapers countrywide.
  • Working with the Department Of Health so that the correct “Units of Alcohol” are printed on all alcoholic beverages, especially because of the confusion in “LITE” vs “Light” drinks, and the different sizes of beverages.
  • Working with the Department of Justice so that they take drink driving seriously and ensure they follow the NRTA and do the following:
a) Suspending licenses of all drink driving offenders, or alternatively enforcing the installation of Alcohol Ignition Interlocks in their vehicles.
b) Giving jail sentences for all drink driving offenders who kill or severely injure.
c.) Only allowing drink driving offenders with BAC’s of <0.10grams, or less,( i.e. twice the legal limit) to be sent to NICRO’s Diversion Program - ROPP.
  • Working with the SAPS and having Minister Phiyega sending a directive to SAPS enforcing them to buckle up front and back, as they are legally obliged to; saving their lives in crashes; and setting an example and enforcing this rule in other road users.
  • Working with Municipal Traffic Officers and having Mayors sending a directive to Traffic Officers enforcing them to buckle up front and back, as they are legally obliged to; saving their lives in crashes; and setting an example and enforcing this rule in other road users.

If you know of any victims of drink driving crashes please refer them to SADD so we can support them.
P.S. Visits to Australia and Sweden to learn what they do are not necessary!
Our limited road safety funds could be used more productively/effectively by following W.H.O’s guidelines.
SADD, and many other road safety NGO’s, are very committed to road safety in SA, and are prepared to assist our wonderful country to bring down our unacceptable road carnage.
We ask the Government to please call on us, and use our expertise and road safety material.


Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015

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Alcohol education


SADD continues it's educational talks

Wellness Days : Contact Caro Smit – 082 82136 73-about presentations on safer alcohol use and preventing drink driving .
Alcohol education, especially about excessive drinking and drink driving, will continue in 2015.

Did you know?

Heath Tips and SADD fundraising

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Cycle the Cape Town Cycle Tour on the 8th of March as part of the SADD team. Click here. Contact Kristen: 033 3470103/ 084 458 2267
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Example of a form for Main Charge.
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