SREB releases Challenge to Lead 2020 Goals for Education

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SREB Challenge to Lead 2020 Goals for Education (PDF)

The Southern Regional Education Board works with 16 member states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in Atlanta, SREB was created in 1948 by Southern governors and legislatures to help leaders in education and government advance education and improve the social and economic life of the region.

SREB Education Goals Will Lead States into 2020

AtlantaDecember 19, 2012The Southern Regional Education Board has released Challenge to Lead 2020 Goals for Education to help member states lead the nation in educational progress in the coming years.

Building on SREB goals the states have worked toward since 1988, these goals reflect current public education policy, standards and data and take into account the strong gains Southern states made over the past decade.

The six goals are organized by student age or point in the education pipeline, from pre-K into adulthood. They reflect SREB’s long-standing emphasis on student achievement and critical policies at each step along the educational pathway so that students are prepared to succeed at the next level.

“These goals were five years in the making. Commissions and advisory committees led by Southern governors and other Board members tackled some of the toughest issues along the education pipeline,” said Joan Lord, SREB vice president president for education policies. “Over time we’ve made real progress in understanding what works to smooth transitions from one stage to the next for a more seamless system.”

SREB Challenge to Lead 2020 Goals for Education
  1.  All children entering school will have the knowledge and exhibit the social and developmental skills needed for success in first grade.
  2. Student achievement for all groups in the early grades will exceed state standards and national averages, at rates that close achievement gaps between groups.
  3. Student achievement for all groups in the middle grades will exceed state standards and national averages, at rates that close achievement gaps between groups.
  4. Eighty percent of all groups of ninth-graders will graduate from high school ready for college and career training. This likely means more than 90 percent will need to graduate from high school and more than 80 percent will need to meet readiness standards for college and career training.
  5. Sixty percent of working-age adults will have a postsecondary credential: an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, or a career certificate. Public postsecondary institutions will make it a top priority to help states meet state needs by increasing graduates, public service and research.
  6. Increasing percentages of adults without high school or postsecondary credentials will pursue opportunities to earn high school alternative certificates, college degrees or career certificates.
SREB has committed to its member states that it will not only monitor, measure and report on student achievement outcomes but also will track statewide implementation of the critical policies the region’s leaders have outlined over the past decade in intensive commissions and advisory panels.

“All SREB states made impressive gains over the last decade on the goals adopted in 2002,” Lord said, “They should expect no less in the next decade with these Challenge 2020 goals.”

 SREB’s 2012 A Decade of Progress reports detail state-by-state improvement on education measures since 2002.

For specific targets and measures under each Challenge 2020 goal, as well as background essays on past progress and current challenges, download the full PDF SREB Challenge to Lead 2020 Goals for Education.>

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