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Moving forward
Learning From Leading States, Supporting Educators 
States have accomplished an enormous amount of work to implement their college- and career- readiness standards, laying the groundwork for higher student achievement in schools statewide. Last week, SREB published results of an extensive multi-year study documenting progress in 14 states and trends across them. The reports identify leading states to learn from based on efforts in recent years. The goal: help states learn from one another and collaborate as they continue this complex and far-reaching work.
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Toward a culture of professional growth
Trustworthy, Transformative Classroom Observations
How can states help districts improve teacher observations — and support educators along the continuum of their careers?
This new SREB report is rich with examples of how states are framing observations, training observers, ensuring the quality of observations and building a culture of support for teachers and principals. Toward Trustworthy and Transformative Classroom Observations outlines recommendations for moving forward based on promising practices in the SREB region. 
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Oil and Gas Career Path Is Underway in Texas
SREB is partnering with the Texas Education Agency and Texas Comprehensive Center to develop an oil and gas career pathway in SREB’s Advanced Career program.

An expert panel of representatives from industry, postsecondary institutions and high schools met in November to identify the knowledge and skills students need to be successful in this field. The group convenes again this week to outline projects for the courses, with assignments that will expose students to authentic challenges they might encounter on the job in oil and gas careers.
SREB Summer Learning for Teachers 
In Atlanta this July:
College- and Career-Readiness Standards Networking Conference helps teachers improve with the Literacy Design Collaborative and Mathematics Design Collaborative frameworks.
HSTW Staff Development Conference, the 29th annual, is one of the nation’s largest, with thousands of educators and hundreds of sessions.
Shared-Time Centers for Technical Ed
When students attend one of the nation’s 1,000 shared-time centers for part of the day or week, they have access to specialized equipment and teachers for their career and technical courses. About 300 education leaders from states around the nation came together to discuss the role of these facilities — and their future — at SREB’s National Technology Centers That Work Leaders Forum last month in Alabama.

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