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The Campbell Community Appreciation Event – March 7, 2018

posted by Ashley Dietz Gray, Marketing Director, Campbell Property Management, March 26, 2018

Thanks to all of the Board Members who attended The Campbell Community Appreciation Event on March 7, 2018 at The Cohen Pavilion at The Kravis Center. Board members from Palm Beach, Martin & St. Lucie counties enjoyed a Mini Vendor Trade Show, education and entertainment during a cocktail hour catered by The Breakers. Read more 

Industry News and Articles

Keep in mind that some of the articles are directed toward HOAs or condos specifically, but most can be applied to all types of community associations. 

When Construction Occurs Next Door, Your Board needs to Get Involved Early

posted by Donna DiMaggio Berger, The Community Association Blog, March 12, 2018
Sometimes new construction is welcomed enthusiastically by the members of an established community but more often than not, nearby construction strikes dread in the hearts and minds of many residents and board members who fear noise, disruption, debris, impaired views and incidental damage. Read more

Are You Crazy If You DON’T Special Assess For Hurricane Damage?

posted by Dan Tiernan, COO, Campbell Property Management, March 22, 2018

Did your association pay for damage from Hurricane Irma with operating funds? Did you consider a special assessment? What if half of your owners could be reimbursed up to $2,000 by their insurance company for the amount of the special assessment attributable to hurricane damage. Read more

Owners Can Add Items to Board Agenda

posted by Joseph Adams, Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog, March 25, 2018

With a number of notable exceptions, all of the powers and duties of an association are typically vested in the board of directors. These decisions usually include the association’s management arrangement, if any, the selection of vendors, and the scheduling and manner of maintenance. Read more


posted by Jeffrey Rembaum, Esq. of Kaye, Bender, Rembaum, March 13, 2018

At issue in today’s column is a subject we recently addressed regarding whether an association must record its assessment lien in the public records of the County in which the community is located in order for it to be effective and whether such lien relates back to the initial date of recording of the declaration. Read more

Summer Shut-Down Considerations for Seasonal Communities

posted by Donna DiMaggio Berger, The Community Association Blog, March 26, 2018
If your community is a seasonal one that tends to thin out over the summer months, what rules or policies do you have in place to ensure that your association continues to operate smoothly and transparently over the summer months? Read more

Community Association Directors Must Be Cognizant of “Sunshine Laws” for Meetings, Discussions of Association Business

posted by Nicole R. Kurtz. Florida HOA Lawyer Blog, March 7, 2018
Just as with the “sunshine” laws mandating public access to the decision-making processes within the state government of Florida, community associations have their own sunshine laws to ensure that unit owners are able to monitor and participate in their governance. Read more

Board Members Can Be Recalled Without Cause

posted by Becker, Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog, March 11, 2018

Section 718.112(2)(j) of the Florida Condominium Act states that any board member can be recalled and removed from office with or without cause by a vote or written agreement of a majority of all voting interests. Read more

Article by Michael Hyman in Today’s Daily Business Review: “Associations Must Strictly Comply With Notice Requirements to Impose Fines, Liens” 

posted by Michael L. Hyman. Florida HOA Lawyer Blog, March 6, 2018

A ruling last year by the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal illustrates the severity of the consequences for community associations that do not follow the law to a tee in their notices to unit owners. Read more

Roberto Blanch Quoted in Daily Business Review Article on HUD Complaint Against Association’s Ban of Religious Meetings

posted by Roberto C. Blanch, Florida HOA Lawyer Blog, March 13, 2018

The complaint, which was filed earlier this week, is on behalf of resident Donna Dunbar against both the association as well as its management company. It states that as a lay minister in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Dunbar led a women’s Bible study group with about 10 women, including Cambridge House residents and guests, in a common room for two hours on Monday mornings, but the board of directors voted Feb. 6 to prohibit prayers, religious services and religious meetings in the common areas. Read more

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August Calendar

Upcoming Events

Board Cert. for Condos & HOAs
1 pm- 3 pm, Katzman
Township of Coconut Creek

HOA & Condo Board Cert. Course 
9:00 am- 12:00 pm, CPM
The Delray Sand Resort

Condo only - Everything you wanted to know about being a Board Member
9:30 am - 12:30 pm, Becker & Poliakoff
West Palm Beach

HOA & Condo Board Cert. Course 
12:30 pm - 3:30 pm, CPM
Herb Skolnick Center

Dealing with Difficult People "Duking it out"
12 pm - 2 pm, Katzman
South County Civic Center 

HOA Board Cert. Course
6 pm - 8:30 pm, KBR
Palm Beach Gardens 

Condo Board Member Cert.
7 pm - 9 pm, Becker & Poliakoff
Martin County 

HOA/Condo - Everything you wanted to know about being a Board Member
9:30 am - 12:30 pm, Becker & Poliakoff
Fort Lauderdale 

Anatomy of a water leak and the basics of Association Insurance
11 am - 2:30 pm, Becker & Poliakoff
West Palm Beach

HOA Board Member Cert. 
9:30 am - 11:30 am, Becker & Poliakoff
West Palm Beach

Funding construction projects (Loans, assessments & reserve spending)
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm, KBR
Pompano Beach

CONDO Board Member Cert. 
9:00 am - 12 pm, Becker & Poliakoff
Windmill Village by the Sea 

Monthly Delegate Meeting
9:30 am, COBWRA
Quail Ridge

Condo Board Member Cert. Course
6 pm - 8:30 pm, KBR
Palm Beach Gardens

How to get things done in your association
12 pm - 2 pm, Katzman
Holiday Springs Clubhouse, Margate  

Broward Hot-Topics Breakfast
7:30 am - 9:30 am, CAI SE
Jacaranda Country Club

Broward Condo & HOA Expo
8:30 am - 3 pm, KBR
Broward County Convention Center 

Anatomy of a water leak and the basics of Association Insurance
10 am - 1:45 pm, Becker & Poliakoff
Fort Lauderdale  

Lunch & Learn: Emotional Support Animals - Complying with Fair Housing Laws
12 pm - 1 pm, Becker & Poliakoff
West Palm Beach  

Ask the Expert: Get all of your questions answered!
9 pm - 12 pm, CPM
Herb Skolnick Center

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