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Community Association Seeking Long-Term Relationship with Stable, Reliable South Florida Property Management Company 

posted by Dan Tiernan, COO, Campbell Property Management, November 7, 2013

The average relationship between a community association and their property management company is six to seven years. If a community association were to write a personal ad to find their next management company, instead of an RFP, this is what it might look like. Read more

Industry News and Articles

Keep in mind some of the articles are directed toward HOAs or condos specifically, but most can be applied to all types of community associations. 

7 Points to Consider When an HOA Owner Desires to Inspect the Association's Records 

posted by Lindsay Raphael, Esq., November 21, 2013

Most people who live in homeowners associations at one point or another want to view their association’s official records.  Some records are permitted to be inspected by owners while others may not. Read more


No Pets...Maybe? Pets as reasonable accommodations under the Fair Housing Act

posted by Jacqueline C. Marzan, Esq., Jay Steven Levine Law Group, November 21, 2013
It is not uncommon for a community to prohibit pets or limit them by type, size and number. If a community does not allow pets at all, it would seem that the community should be free of resident pets. Read more

Membership Directories and What Must be Excluded 

posted by Harry W. Carls, Esq.,Taylor & Carls, P.A., November 6, 2013

Member directories have long been a staple for many condominium and homeowner associations.  Directories are used by members to organize activities, identify neighbors, and in general increase communications and the sense of community within a neighborhood.  Read more


Hiring a Professional South Florida Property Management Company - are the fees really worth it? 

posted by Dan Tiernan, COO, Campbell Property Management, November 15, 2013 
Many associations believe that by managing their properties in-house, they are saving money because they are not paying any fees to a management company.  This may be true; it all depends on who you hire.  Hiring the RIGHT professional South Florida property management company may save money that far exceeds the management fees you pay. Read more

Do you know what Air Bed & Breakfast is and how it might impact your community?  

posted by Donna DiMaggio Berger, Esq., November 10, 2013

There is a relatively new concept in housing, however, that doesn't require swapping an entire residence and it is gaining traction quickly as a way for people to earn a little extra money by renting out a room or rooms in their home, condominium or cooperative unit. Read more

Solar Panels and Florida Law: Why the board cannot say "no" to resident solar panels  

posted by William B. Campbell III, VP of Sales and Marketing, Campbell Property Management, November 25, 2013
Solar panels are a big expense. However, to many residents they are worth every single penny. Solar panels can not only decrease electricity costs each month, but they also add to a home’s overall value. Florida law allows homeowners to install solar panels and/or collectors on their homes or rooftops, even if the covenants or homeowners’ association’s rules say otherwise. Read more

Do I Really Have to Turn Over a Copy of the Key to my Castle? 

posted by Laura Manning-Hudson, November 12, 2013

For anyone who lives in a condominium you know that there are certain trade offs that are made as compared to living in a single family home. Read more

Are Residents Carrying Around Pitchforks in Your Community? How to prevent a condo or HOA special assessment uproar 

posted by Evan Bradley, CFO, Campbell Property Management, November 1, 2013
Many condo and homeowners associations do a great job of keeping up with replacement costs within the community. They also do a great job of planning ahead to fix or upgrade capital items before they become a major problem. However, not all expenses can be foreseen and sometimes the real world does not cooperate with our projections. Read more

Your Association is Contemplating Litigation: Are You Ready for Battle? Part II - Retention of Evidence  

posted by Robyn M. Severs, Esp., Taylor & Carls, P.A., November 19, 2013

What is the Association, its board members, agents, managers, vendors, and contractors required to do with all the letters, emails, property, photographs, and the like that are in each person’s possession relating to the issue that may be litigated?
Read more

Campbell appreciates your recommendations: 

Election season is beginning for most community associations in South Florida. Change often follows elections in communities. If you hear about neighbors that are considering a change in their property management and think Campbell might be a good fit, please let us know. Recommendations from our clients and partners are what has enabled us to grow over the 60+ years we have been in business.

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December Tips

Keith's Corner: Landscaping
Hi to all the good folks in South Florida. This is the time of year when many communities and unit owners install holiday lights, signs, and decorations. Remember, to be careful when decorating the outside of your home with lights and signs that require running extension cords and other power sources on the ground or in your landscaping. Make sure to discuss these holiday lights, signs and decorations with your landscaper/maintenance personnel first. Also, this is a great time of year to put poinsettias at the clubhouse, guardhouse, or pool area to show that beautiful red color. 
Remember to always install your sod green side up! 

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