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HOA Board Members in Florida - are you certified? 

posted by Dan Tiernan, COO, Campbell Property Management

Chapter 720 of the Florida Statutes was amended on July 1, 2013, requiring that HOA directors verify they are prepared to serve on their association board in one of two ways. Read more

Industry News and Articles

Keep in mind some of the articles are directed toward HOAs or condos specifically, but most can be applied to all types of community associations. 

Should community association boards speak to the media? 

posted by Donna DiMaggio Berger, Esq., October 27, 2013

I am often contacted
by members of the media to discuss various association topics.These can range from the serious (secondhand smoke) to the comical (DNA testing of doggie poop). 


FLCAJ Readers' Choice Awards

voting goes until December 1, 2013
FLCAJ Readers' Choice Awards
The Florida Community Association Journal is giving you a chance to recognize your service providers for an outstanding commitment to excellence. We recommend voting for Campbell Property Management and Complete Property Maintenance

Congressional Deal to Delay Flood Insurance Increases 

posted by Yeline Goin, October 29, 2013

Congressional leaders have announced that they have reached a bipartisan deal to delay the implementation of flood insurance increases that are raising premiums for many homeowners. The proposed bill would delay premium increases for four years.  Read more


Keeping Your South Florida Roof Clean: The right way to properly maintain your roof

posted by Marcel Rosen, President, Fiddler Roof Cleaning 
Did you ever wonder what the black stains on a dirty South Florida roof are? These black stains are called Gloeocapsa Magma – a type of algae. Most roof and pressure cleaning services use high-pressure power-washing devices to remove these stains. Read more

Taped HOA Board Meetings Should be Disclosed 

posted by Joseph Adams, October 25, 2013

Section 720.306(10) of the Florida Homeowners’ Association Act 
states that any parcel owner may tape record or videotape meetings of the board of directors and meetings of the members. However, the statute also permits the board to adopt reasonable rules governing the taping of meetings. Read more

12 Ways to Make Your South Florida Home Energy Efficient  

posted by William B. Campbell III, VP of Sales and Marketing, Campbell Property Management
According to, 
“A typical American family spends $2,000 a year on their home energy bills.” Make your South Florida home energy efficient and you can cut your energy bills by 20 to 30 percent. There is also the added benefit of 
helping the environment by minimizing your carbon footprint. Read more

HOA Security Deposit Should Return to Tenant

posted by Joseph Adams, October 24, 2013

Our homeowners’ association documents authorize the association to collect a $500 security deposit from a tenant who leases a home within the community.  Read more

Florida Lawn and Garden Tips for Fall 

posted by keith Carracher, President, Complete Property Maintenance, October 4, 2013
As Floridians, we are all too familiar with counting down the days until the summer heat is over with and the temperatures start to drop. This new weather brings different needs for your Florida lawn and garden. Read more

Professional CAM Budgeting: Finding the Right Contractors 

posted by Jeff Hardy, TOPS, October 24, 2013

It’s hard to put together an accurate
community budget for the new fiscal year without getting proposals for the recurring services that are the responsibility of the community. As a general rule, August or September is the right time to send out Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) for the next year. That way, you have some hard costs to plug into the proposed community budget.  Read more

Campbell appreciates your recommendations: 

Election season is beginning for most community associations in South Florida. Change often follows elections in communities. If you hear about neighbors that are considering a change in their property management and think Campbell might be a good fit, please let us know. Recommendations from our clients and partners are what has enabled us to grow over the 60+ years we have been in business.

Feel free to email us at or visit us at

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Afternoon Tea With a Purpose 
1-3pm, Alliance of Delray
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Annual Meeting Tips Q&A
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HOA Certification Course
11am-2pm, Campbell
650 Evergrene Parkway
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COBWRA Delegate Meeting
9:30am, COBWRA
Villaggio, Boynton Beach
Monthly Board Meeting
8:30-10:30am, CAI SE Florida
Becker & Poliakoff
3111 Stirling Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

Hot Topic - Hot Breakfast!
7:30am-9am, CAI Gold Coast
Jacaranda Country Club
9200 W. Broward Blvd. 
Plantation, FL 33324


November Tips

Keith's Corner: Landscaping

Hi to all the folks in South Florida. November is here and we have a lot to be thankful for. Blooming tropical plants, beautiful seasonal flowers, less rain, fewer insect problems, and cooler temperatures. On the other hand, we will start to experience some negative changes in our landscape. Trees will start to drop their leaves, which causes a mess. Brown spots will show up in our lawns because our irrigation systems cannot keep everything as green without the help of mother nature and the rainy season. 
Remember always install your sod green side up! 

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