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FAN's Featured Blog Post

The 8th Annual Florida Community Association Journal’s Readers’ Choice Award Winners have been Announced

by Ashley Dietz Gray, Marketing Director, Campbell Property Management, March 8, 2021

The 8th annual Florida Community Association Journal’s Readers’ Choice Award winners have been announced! The FLCAJ Readers’ Choice Awards give communities and board members an opportunity to select their favorite service providers. These prestigious awards recognize service providers that offer superior service and demonstrate a commitment to the success of their communities. Read more 

Industry News and Articles

Keep in mind that some of the articles are directed toward HOAs or condos specifically, but most can be applied to all types of community associations.

Condo/Co-Op/HOA Meeting Agendas & Notice Requirements

by Kathleen O. Berkey, Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog, March 16, 2021

Florida laws governing community associations require notice of meetings to encourage owner participation. Here is a helpful guide summarizing the notice requirements under statute; however, this guide is not intended to be all inclusive and is only for general reference. Read more

The 2021 Florida Legislative Preview, as Related to Community Associations | The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

by Jeffrey Rembaum, Esq. of Kaye Bender Rembaum, March 22, 2021

Florida Matters: 2014 Legislative Preview | WUSF Public MediaWelcome to Rembaum’s Association Roundup’s 2021 legislative preview. The 2021 legislative session began on March 2 and ends April 30. Not only are all of the Bills discussed below subject to multiple changes, whether any of the Bills discussed below will become the law of the land remains to be seen. Read more

Amending Governing Documents Part II – How?

by Jay Roberts, Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog, February 26, 2021

In Part I of this two-part series, we discussed the importance of amending governing documents. Part II discusses tips on how a board of directors can put itself in the best position to have the proposed amendments approved by the membership. Read more

5 Reasons to Consider Switching to an Online Accounts Payable Platform

by Campbell Property Management, March 12, 2021

Is you association considering the move from manual, paper-based accounts payable processes to an online accounts payable platform? Are you tired of having to rely on the post office, out-of-order office supplies, and growing stacks of paper records? Read more

Florida Condominium Association Director Term Limits Don’t Apply Until 2026

by Laura Manning-Hudson, Florida HOA Lawyer Blog, March 3, 2021

Amendments to the Florida Condominium Act enacted in 2018 provide that association board members may not serve more than eight consecutive years, unless they are elected by more than two-thirds of the voting membership or there are not enough eligible candidates to fill the board vacancies at the time of the election. Read more

Electronic Voting for Community Associations: Watch the Webinar Now

by Ashley Dietz Gray, Marketing Director, Campbell Property Management, March 3, 2021

Electronic voting, once properly implemented can be used for any item to be voted on by the owners: Elections, Amendments/Document, Changes, Waiving of Fully Funded Reserves, Material Alterations. Electronic votes count towards a quorum. Is your community interested in implementing electronic voting? Read more

Selective Enforcement: A Grossly Misunderstood Concept

by Jeffrey Rembaum, Esq. of Kaye Bender Rembaum, March 9, 2021

Without exception, the affirmative defense of “selective enforcement” is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the entire body of community association law. How often have you heard something like this: “The board has not enforced the fence height limitation, so it cannot enforce any other architectural rules”? Simply put, nothing could be further from the truth. Read more

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Watch the Webinar Now

by Ashley Dietz Gray, Marketing Director, Campbell Property Management, March 1, 2021

Electric vehicles are becoming extremely popular. It is projected that by 2028, there will be over 3 million electric vehicles in the U.S. Many condo board members wonder what this means for them. In Florida, condo associations are required by law to accommodate an owner’s request to enable EV charging; however, the cost for this accommodation can be charged to the owner. Read more

Smarter Violations in Your Large HOA

by Evan Bradley, CFO, Campbell Property Management, March 23, 2021

Does your HOA have 500 units, 1000 units or 2000 units?  How effective is your inspection process? Are tours completed in a routinely and timely manner? The reason this may not be happening is because the process is just too time consuming, and the manager is consistently putting it off in favor of less time-consuming tasks. Read more​


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