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Rembaum’s Association Roundup: Project Management: What Every Board Member And Manager Needs To Know

posted by Jeffrey Rembaum, Esq. of Kaye, Bender, Rembaum, October 17, 2017

3eaa781Your association is gearing up for a large project. Maybe it’s time to re-do the clubhouse or plan for that $2M dollar concrete restoration project that was put off for far too long. Other large scale projects can include painting, concrete restoration, interior restoration, deck/paver repair or replacement, and foundation repairs, and so much more. Read more

Industry News and Articles

Keep in mind that some of the articles are directed toward HOAs or condos specifically, but most can be applied to all types of community associations. 

Can Your Community Association Stop Bullying and Harassment in Their Tracks?

posted by Donna DiMaggio Berger, The Community Association Law Blog, October 15, 2017

Bullying in any form cannot be condoned either in schools, workplaces or communities. While a newly filed bill by Rep. Emily Slosberg (HB 123) has the laudable goal of protecting Florida's senior citizens from being bullied, just how feasible is it in a community association context? Read more 

Rembaum’s Association Roundup: Did He Really Write That About Our Association On Facebook? Freedom Of The Press

posted by Jeffrey Rembaum, Esq. of Kaye, Bender, Rembaum, October 10, 2017
14-freedom-of-press-debateThe background of this case is a typical scenario where Fox failed to comply with the association’s declaration and its rules and regulations which caused irreparable harm to other owners and residents within the association. The association’s complaint also alleged that Fox was engaged in a continuous course of conduct “designed and carried out for the purpose of harassing, intimidating, and threatening other residents, the Association and its representatives.” Read more

Board Transparency - Consistent Communication Is Key 

posted by A.J. Sidransky, The Cooperator South Florida, October 05, 2017
Community living—the very basis of co-op, condo and HOA life—is based on the idea of trust. In a community of potentially hundreds or thousands of residents, every resident can’t be involved in the making of every decision. Too many cooks can potentially spoil the proverbial broth. No decision would ever get made in a timely manner. Read more

New Board Member Term Limits Law has Significant Impact for Florida Condo Associations

posted by Michael E. Chapnick, Florida HOA Lawyer Blog, October 3, 2017
Term-LimitsAmong the major changes to Florida’s condominium laws in 2017 is a new provision mandating term limits for board members. The new legislation marks a significant departure from the past policies for most associations pertaining to the tenures of their board members, and it only applies to condo associations and not HOAs. Read more

Associations Should Prepare for Disaster in Advance

posted by Joseph Adams, Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog, October 16, 2017

We are now over a month past Hurricane Irma. While it certainly could have been significantly worse for Southwest Florida, many community associations are still working through a variety of difficult issues, including processing insurance claims, continuing clean-up, and property restoration. While immediate attention must be paid to those issues, now is also a good time for associations to work on developing disaster preparedness and response plans for the future, or refining current plans based on what has been learned from this hurricane.  Read more

Rembaum’s Association Roundup: Floods And Flood Insurance: Don’t Be Up The Creek Without A Paddle

posted by Jeffrey Rembaum, Esq. of Kaye, Bender, Rembaum, October 4, 2017
Flood warning concept with a yellow traffic sign flooded with water on a dangerous dark stormy cloud sky as a symbol of insurance risk and weather hazards as a natural disaster.As we, our neighbors, families, and friends, here and in Puerto Rico, are picking up the pieces in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, the prospect of making claims on our homeowner’s insurance policies can seem overwhelming in the face of the destruction caused by these storms. Read more

A Rude Awakening: Your Board May Not Have the Right to Screen Leases and Sales at All!

posted by Donna DiMaggio Berger, The Community Association Law Blog, October 9, 2017
Even in the frenzy of post-Irma repairs, ordinary life continues and for most volunteer boards and professional managers that means screening applicants who wish to lease or purchase in their communities. Read more

Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

posted by Nicole R. Kurtz, Florida HOA Lawyer Blog, October 23, 2017
Noisy-Neighbors-300x157Does your neighbor’s loud music, barking dog or late-night visitors keep you up at night? If you live in a condominium building, your answer is probably ‘yes.’ A recurring complaint that we receive from condominium unit owners is that they are able to hear their neighbors through shared walls, followed by the frustration of feeling as if there is no recourse. Read more

Condominium Hurricane Insurance Set by Law

posted by Joseph Adams, Florida Condo & HOA Lawyer Blog, October 23, 2017
At post-Irma Week 6, most communities are back to business as normal, save perhaps figuring out what to do with mountains of landscape debris. However, some associations are entering a critical period in post-disaster procedures. Read more

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