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Featured Tool
GLRI Phragmites Mapper

Concerned about Phragmites? Look no further than the GLRI Phragmites Decision Support Tool (DST) Mapper. This free online mapping tool will aid in the development of effective Phragmites control and invasion prevention programs for coastal zones along the Great Lakes. It identifies areas with Phragmites stands greater than 0.2 ha and areas with suitable Phragmites habitat. Check out your local coastal zone today. Click on the "Vulnerability Assessment" tab to get started.

GLRI Phragmites Decision Support Tool (DST) Mapper
We'll see you at GreenTown Chicago!
Are you attending the Chicago Greentown event? Look for Ken Freestone, part of our GLCCN Communications team, at the conference to learn more about how you can get involved with the GLCCN.


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Coming Soon

Our team at the University of Michigan School of Information is wrapping up their study of social media strategies for non-profit organizations. A white paper of their findings is in development.


Become a beta-tester today. It's almost time to start testing the Network website with users and we need your feedback! Beta-testers benefit from being able to provide input into features they would like to see in the Network, as well as getting early access to tools and websites shared on the Network. To specify how you would like to be involved click the "Update Subscription Preferences" here or at the bottom of this newsletter and choose beta-tester.

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Great Lakes Clean
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GLCCN Website named GLIN Site of the Month for April 2014!
We want to thank the Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN) for awarding their Site of the Month honor to the GLCCN for April 2014. An effort of the Great Lakes Commission, GLIN is a great resource to stay up to date with news, research and events going on in the Great Lakes.


Prototype GLCCN Interface In Development
A prototype website is being developed for the GLCCN. The finished product will feature a personal dashboard to quickly access resources and tools, share your ideas and best practices, and calculate and track your EcoScore. Other highlights include an interactive map of the Great Lakes to search for and connect with GLCCN members and a catalog of environmental tools and resources. We've included some screenshots of the initial prototype version below. Click on the images to view a larger screenshot (note, a color palette has not yet been applied to the entire prototype website, which is why some screenshots are in grayscale).

Tell Us What You're Up To
There are now over 200 individuals from communities and organizations interested in participating in the GLCCN. See the updated heat map below to view where interested GLCCN participants are located. We want to learn more about our members! Share your story on our Facebook page or contact us and we'll make a post on your behalf. We'll add your events to our GLCCN Calendar.

We have a Winner!
Victoria Harris of Green Bay, Wisconsin, has been randomly chosen as the winner of our Great Lakes photo giveaway. Recently retired, she has dedicated her life to clean water. Harris spent 37 years devoted to protecting and restoring the environment as the longtime water quality and habitat restoration specialist with the University Of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute. Victoria will choose from a gallery of images taken by photographer Mary Hilldore.

We are thankful to Michigan artist Mary Hilldore for providing us with a great gallery of images to choose from for our giveaway. Mary is an amateur photographer living in Holland, MI. Her photography is nature-centric and focused on the vastness of nature in large scale four season images of the Great Lakes and beaches. Mary also displays a unique ability to capture an intensity of personal landscapes such as a blooming tulip, a small animal or an almost microscopic view of nature. 

In Case You Missed It...
Our Facebook page is a great place to get a preview of news and events happening around the Great Lakes. Here are a few of our favorite recent stories. 

Stormwater runoff problems with your roof? Build your own Grattix. It's like a Rain Garden in a Box. Click here to watch the video.

How it all began. See the spread of various aquatic invasive species in these maps developed by The Nature Conservancy.

Get involved. We've posted about a number of environmental conferences and activities coming up throughout the Great Lakes Basin. Visit the GLCCN Calendar to see what's happening or add your event!
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