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Sustainable Cities Institute Planning Center

Several environmental calculators and planning checklists covering a wide range of issues are freely available on the Sustainable Cities Institute website. These tools are designed to jumpstart planning efforts and assist with stakeholder meetings. Topics addressed by these resources include sustainability, land use, transportation, buildings, energy, materials management, water, green infrastructure, and economic and community development.

Sustainable Cities Institute Planning Center Link


You can become a beta tester or simply join the network as a user. Beta testers benefit from being able to provide input into features they would like to see in the Network, as well as getting early access to tools and websites being shared on the network.

If you join as a user you will be included in the updates of the Network as it is being developed and will be able to use the Network, share information, and use the tools once it has been completed. To specify how you would like to be involved click the "Update Subscription Preferences" at the bottom of this newsletter and select your choice.

Please let other groups know about the GLCCN and direct them to the project website to sign-up. Our website can be accessed at: Stay tuned as we launch the network in the spring of 2014.

Great Lakes Clean Communities Network (GLCCN)

GLCCN Increases in Numbers
The Great Lakes Clean Communities Network (GLCCN) is growing. There are now over 100 individuals from communities and organizations that have signed up to be part of the GLCCN. These groups represent coalitions, Council of Governments, cities, universities, engineering and technology firms, townships, foundations, schools, churches, industry, and state agencies. States represented so far include Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, New York, and Rhode Island. We will continue to promote the GLCCN and aim to double our current subscriber list by the end of the year.
Short Survey Slated for GLCCN Interface Development
We are beginning to design the interface of the GLCCN’s online system and will be sending invitations to participate in a brief survey in the coming weeks. This is a great opportunity for your organization to provide feedback that will directly influence the development and design of the online network. If you would like to provide input into features on the GLCCN click the "Update Subscription Preferences" at the bottom of this newsletter and change your level of participation to "User and Beta Tester." We value your input and look forward to learning how we can tailor the network to best meet the needs of your organization in addressing environmental problems.
Comparing Environmental Non-Profit Social Media Practices
Recently, our team of social media experts conducted a preliminary study to assess social web site use by various nonprofit environmental organizations (NPO’s). The study focused on use of Facebook and Twitter. Both sites were mainly used by the organizations for posting news and events. Slightly more posts involving events were made to Facebook. However, Twitter came out ahead in the promotion of other sites. The study also looks at the effectiveness of social media in helping NPO’s with accomplishing their missions. The initial information gained from this study along with further research will help the GLCCN learn more effective social media strategies. The study results will also be shared in a future newsletter for others to utilize.

Help Map Participation on the GLCCN
We would like to feature a participation map in our next newsletter showing locations where people and organizations around the Great Lakes Basin are showing interest in the GLCCN. To help us accomplish this please click the "Update Subscription Preferences" at the bottom of this newsletter and update the "Zip Code" field. No personal identification information will be displayed on the map as we are only mapping total numbers of people by zip code.

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Click here to connect with the GLCCN on Facebook. Check it out for weekly posts about Great Lakes related news, videos, photos, and more. We’re interested in sharing your organization’s green efforts on our Facebook page too. Send us a message or make a post on our wall about your organization’s environmental activities. This month, our page has featured articles about restoration activities and the bipartisan support for Great Lakes programs.
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