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Looking for a quick and inexpensive way to collect data for your local waters? Check our CrowdHydrology, an effort to collect crowdsourced hydrologic data, specifically, stream stage (water level) measurements. Through crowdsourcing, any person walking by a CrowdHydrology Station can text in the water level of a stream. The measurement is added to a free, online database where data can be graphed or downloaded. CrowdHydrology was developed by Dr. Chris Lowry of SUNY-Buffalo in partnership with Dr. Mike Fienen at the U.S. Geological Survey.

CrowdHydrology Map
Hope we'll see you at the Great Lakes Restoration Conference!
Are you attending the 10th Annual Great Lakes Restoration Conference? Be sure to attend the Connecting Communities: Sharing Tools and Technologies session on September 10, 2014, from 9:45-10:45 am. The Network will be featured during the presentation. Register by July 31, 2014, for the early bird discount!

Thank you to our Partners

This May we met in Chicago, IL, with several multi-state partners of the GLCCN, representing municipalities, watershed organizations, non-profits and universities. Discussions were very productive in helping us further define the GLCCN as we prepare to launch the Network. Partners also got a sneak peak at the research the University of Michigan School of Information is conducting on social media strategies for non-profit organizations. We appreciate all of the feedback we received during the meeting and are excited about future discussions.


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Great Lakes Coastal No Adverse Impact Workshop
August 19, 2014
Milwaukee, WI
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GLRI RFA Webinar
July 29, 2014, 10 AM CST
Proposals due August 25

Great Lakes Clean
Communities Network

Calling all Beta-Testers!
The prototype website for the Network is being finalized this summer. We're looking for beta-testers to participate in both formal and informal evaluations of the website in the coming months. This is a great opportunity to not only gain early access to features of the Network, but to provide us with valuable feedback that will shape the final design and functionality of the GLCCN hub. Beta-testers will evaluate several features of the website, including the:
  • personal dashboard where users quickly access or share ideas and resources
  • interactive GLCCN map that allows users to search for and connect with GLCCN members
  • catalog of environmental tools and resources where users can rate or comment on specific tools and add their own
  • EcoScore Card that helps users track progress toward environmental goals
Become a beta-tester today by updating your subscription preferences to the newsletter. Simply click the "Update Subscription Preferences" link here or at the bottom of this newsletter and specify that you would like to participate as a beta-tester. Unsure of your beta-tester status or have questions? Email Laura Young.

Partner Spotlight Series
This is the beginning of several partner spotlights that will be featured in the GLCCN newsletter. To learn how you can become more involved in the Network or be featured in the Spotlight news, contact us.

The Flint River Watershed is increasingly healthy and strong, and offers many recreational, educational, and environmental opportunities. It is the mission of the Flint River Watershed Coalition (FRWC) to promote efforts to protect, preserve, and improve our area’s ecosystem through partnerships, public education, scientific projects, and community involvement. We are an organization representing individuals, businesses, community organizations, and local units of government sharing a vision of a healthier Flint River Watershed. We envision a day when the future of our drinking water is secure and the integrity of the Flint River is protected. We believe that all people should have access to the river for recreation, swimming, and fishing as well as the economic value it provides to our communities.
As the leading community-based advocate for clean water resources in our watershed, we are excited to not only share our experiences, but to learn more about the tools and practices that others are implementing in our region; all linked through the GLCCN.

To learn more about the Flint River Watershed Coalition visit us at

Co-branding Effort for the GLCCN Underway
The Institute of Water Research (IWR) is working with the Great Lakes Protection Fund (Fund) to develop a co-branding video on the benefits of creating and sustaining the Great Lakes Clean Communities Network. Both the Institute and Fund believe that big change is possible through the power of networking and enhancing connectivity among organizations and leaders within a community. The video will highlight how building this type of network can drive environmental improvement and accelerate innovative solutions to difficult environmental problems. 
“We’re hoping that the video attracts community leaders and visionaries to take ownership of the GLCCN and help promote and expand it,” said Dr. Lois Wolfson, IWR Specialist and a member of the project staff.
“A Network like this provides an easily accessible central portal for sharing data, models and tools, and a platform for discussing successful programs and new ideas,” commented Laura Young, IWR research associate on the project. She continued, “This Network is about connecting people that are passionate about the environment, and the work they do in their community, with others who have similar goals.”
The video will emphasize that the approach for the Network is more than just technology and online forums. Rather, it is a process that influences people to take action to protect and restore the Great Lakes through the formation of collaborative teams, generating and sharing knowledge and sustaining partnerships.
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