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Welcome to issue #2! We’re looking forward to our next livestream in a few days, this time it’s about pattern matching with Typescript, including some sweet goodies, so be sure to RSVP asap :)

Other than that, for this issue we collected some handy resources on SVGs related to the “icon hell” event im March, check out the video as well.

Enjoy the beginning of spring!

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Jan, Katarzyna, Josue

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Thu, 29th April 2021

Bringing Pattern Matching To Typescript

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With the emergence and wide adoption of libraries such as React, Redux or XState, in the last few years the frontend ecosystem has shifted from an imperative to a declarative programming model. Now that we have realised how much easier it is to reason about declarative code and how many bugs are ruled out by embracing this paradigm, there is simply no going back.

Yet, Javascript and TypeScript weren’t designed for this paradigm, and these languages are lacking a very important piece of the puzzle: declarative code branching.

This talk will demonstrate how we can write conditional logic that is easy to read and maintain using ts-pattern, a Pattern Matching library for TypeScript.


Gabriel is a data visualisation software engineer @ Datadog passionate about application architecture, programming language design and colouring pixels.


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Datadog is a SaaS-based monitoring and security platform for infrastructure, applications, logs, and more. Through its fully unified platform, Datadog delivers complete visibility into the performance of modern applications.

Goodie: Free Datadog Trial + Cup Cakes

Datadog offers a free trial to all participants. You can test Datadog in your own environment and discover 400+ integrations with popular technologies, metrics, distributed tracing, and log management, that provide complete, end-to-end visibility in one unified platform.

Among all participants who RVSP and provide their email address for the trial access, we raffle 5 boxes with 9 tasty cup cakes delivered to your doorstep.

Register here!

Thu, 20th May 2021

Automating Service Workers With Workbox

Speaker: Maxim Salnikov

Details tba soon, save the date!

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Tue, 4th May 2021

Progressive Web Apps - Was geht da offline?

Was sind eigentlich diese Progressive Web Apps von denen alle reden? Und wie genau funktioniert das mit den Service Workern und dem Offline Modus? In diesem Talk zeigt Jan euch anhand eines praktischen Beispiels wie man mit Vue, Workbox und IndexedDB eine moderne PWA baut - bzw. wann man die Finger davon lassen sollte.

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Past Events

A hell of an icon

Using well known game avatars, Hendrik showed why using icon fonts could put you a bit more into icon hell when you want to have maximum flexibility in terms of positioning and theming. He demonstrated how SVGs combined with subtle animations give you a lot more creative options in combination with your text font and reduce visual noise in your user interface.

A hell of an icon / SVG, icon fonts, typography ...

Thanks for this session, Hendrik! And please checkout the list of SVG resources below to dig in deep into vector graphics on the web.

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Do you know more interesting resources?

Vue.js Frankfurt successor wanted!

Vue.js Frankfurt Logo

Shout out to VueJS enthusiasts in Rheinmain: searching for a successor to continue running the meetup. Please reach out to Alex if you're interested!

A blast from the past

Already 2 years ago Sebastian Golasch talked about exciting possibilities with the new Web USB API and which crazy things are possible when you actually can talk to your hardware via the browser. We think an update on the latest IoT ideas from him would be cool, what do you think? Also checkout his talk about WebRTC!

Sebastian Golasch: "The Universal Serial Web" (Frontend RheinMain 2019/02/21)

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