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Hi folks, after some delay we've made it - here is Frontend RheinMain News #1. We're happy to have you on board and hope you like what we came up with. Each newsletter will focus on one frontend topic, mostly related to what has been talked about in a previous meetup. The content format is not set in stone, so expect some agile adaptions over the time :)

And most importantly: It’s for YOU, so please send us your ideas and comments!


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Upcoming Events

A hell of an icon 🔥

Meetup teaser image

Hendrik wants to show you the different techniques of integrating hel(l)pful icons by building a themeable button for a Super Mario-inspired website. Alongside an animated SVG-based Yoshi icon, there will also be information on usability aspects and why icon fonts sometimes do not behave as expected.


Hendrik Degener is a certified software architect working at Cofinpro AG.
Having always been fascinated by human-machine interaction, he constantly aims to create the best possible user experience.


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Goodie: Free meal and raffle

Our meetup sponsor Cofinpro stands a round of meal & drinks: so in case you live in a Lieferando delivery area, you can join us for a virtual bar gettogether after the event, sit with us, have a drink and enjoy some food delivered directly to your doorstep. And additionally we'll raffle a surprise :)

Register here!

Call For Speakers

How about a talk from you?

Our community-hub is the ideal platform for YOU to talk about your frontend passion. Wanna learn to speak in front of a crowd or improve your speaking skills? We support you!

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Call For Topics

Which topics do you wanna hear?

We would love to know what kind of topic we could prepare for you next time. What are you passionate about? What do you want to learn? Tell us and we will take care of cool speakers for you. Thanks!

Tell us your topics

Past Events

"Pros and Cons Of Utility First CSS"

For our 1st livestream we invited Juan Herrera to give us a quite differentiated view on the pros and cons of "utility first" CSS:

Pros and Cons of Utility First CSS / TailwindCSS / with GDE Juan Herrera

We also asked him a few questions ...

  1. Which tech topic are you currently passionate about?
    TypeScript. Just like RxJS, I think it has a lot of value, but one has to dig deeper to reap the benefits.

  2. Being an Google Developer Expert on Angular, which resources would you recommend for Angular beginners?
    I'm glad to say that is the best source to learn about Angular. They've done a great job with it.

  3. What is your favourite food in Austria? :)
    Schnitzel, but mostly because it reminds my mom cooking it in Colombia, we call it Chuleta Valluna

  4. Words to our community?
    Thanks everyone in this really nice community, I hope to meet you all in person one day. I visit Germany from time to time, so I won't miss the opportunity to hang out with you all!

Thanks again for your contribution, Juan!

clickbar. fullstack talks #1 on Tailwind CSS

Please also watch the meetup video from the clickbar folks, where Alexander von Studnitz gave an introduction of Tailwind CSS with a handful of live-coding to demonstrate the concepts:

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To further expand our community activities we need sponsoring partners. There are many company options - like this prominent space in the newsletter … and we have more plans.

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Utility First CSS / Tailwind


A blast from the past

If you sometimes feel lonely with your remote frontend work in those strange times, check out this session Jessica from Grafana Labs did almost one year ago for us:

Working remotely, but not lonely (Jessica Müller @ Frontend RheinMain 2020/03/30)

How about an update from her? :-D

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Frontend RheinMain is a community-hub for frontend devs and friends in RheinMain. Started in 2014, our misson is to push knowledge transfer and connect webworkers by running meetups and livestreams and supporting related initiatives. We enable developers connect with other webworkers, to learn new stuff and get inspired by latest developments in the frontend field.

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