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Welcome to issue #3! Summer arrived in Germany, so we all have plenty of opportunities to do interesting frontend stuff with our laptops outside in the sun, don’t we? :-D

Did you know how many cool new CSS features will land in the browsers? For example “native” masonry layout without performance-eating libraries? Or container queries where you define the layout of child elements based on their parents’ dimensions (and not only the viewport)?

There is plenty of more stuff happening. The best thing is: We will have Rachel Andrew with us, a well-known speaker and author who shares her enthusiasm about the new CSS possibilities for many years - especially she is not only known as an author for Mozilla Developer Network, but also as a W3C Invited Expert: She wrote a lot of reference materials about Flexbox and CSS Grid. You surely have read one of those articles.

So please join us in a few days - find all the details below and register for this “cutting edge CSS” special.

After the session we will enjoy summer and holiday season and have a little break. Stay connected, enjoy the weather and see you soon!

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Jan, Katarzyna, Josue

Upcoming Frontend RheinMain Event

Thu, 24th June 2021

Coming soon to CSS (with W3C Invited Expert Rachel Andrew)

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Rachel Andrew lives in Bristol, England. She is a member of the CSS Working Group, where she edits the Multicol and Page Floats specifications. Currently she spends her days working on MDN and, documenting the web on behalf of Mozilla and Google.

Rachel has been working on the web since 1996 and writing about the web for almost as long. She is the author or co-author of 22 books including The New CSS Layout, and a regular contributor to a number of publications both on and offline. Rachel is a frequent speaker at web development and design events.

Rachel is a keen distance runner and likes to encourage people to come for a run when attending conferences, with varying degrees of success. She is a student pilot and aviation geek, and currently studying for her Masters in International Journalism. You can find her on Twitter as or her blog at

Coming soon to CSS

New features are arriving in our browsers faster these days, and in this talk Rachel Andrew shares some of the new CSS which is landing in browsers right now. Including native masonry layout, aspect-ratio units, container queries, and more. Find out what's ready to use, and what is coming soon to the web platform.


19.00: Start of livestream with talk & Q&A

20.00: Networking / Socialising
Link: TBA

Register here!

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Past Events

Automating a Service Worker with Workbox

Workbox is the go-to-library when you want to ease your efforts with setting up and debug your caching strategy of your progressive web app. In May Maxim gave us a tour through this open source tool and demonstrated pretty impressive the many advantages. The Q & A session aftwards was also very interesting, so if you missed it - this one hour is worth watching:

Automating a Service Worker with Workbox

Bringing pattern matching to Typescript

Already 2 months ago when Gabriel Vergnaud presented his Library which brings pattern-matching to Typescript! If you’re curious what it’s all about: “Pattern matching tests whether a given value (or sequence of values) has the shape defined by a pattern, and, if it does, binds the variables in the pattern to the corresponding components of the value (or sequence of values).” (source)

Don’t miss this session and the links below!

Bringing Pattern Matching to TypeScript / ts-pattern lib

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CSS Container Queries

Progressive Web Apps

Typescript - Pattern Matching


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