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Long time no see … Sometimes it’s hard to keep the pace of our community activities, as a lot of depressing things are going on in the world and affecting our energy levels — as organisers as well as developers. All in all we hope you’re doing ok under these circumstances.

We have exciting topics to share today which hopefully will ignite positive vibes in you:

  • Links to previous events

  • Upcoming “CSS Update 2022” event on October, 20th

  • Raffle for ctwebdev conf tickets

  • Teaser for on-site meetup in November

  • Outlook to December and Januar events

  • New homepage

Enjoy reading, stay healthy and see you soon!

Your organisation team
Jan, Katarzyna, Josue

Previous Events

In case you missed some of the previous events, please check them out on our Youtube channel (and subscribe, thank you).

Under each video we put slides and other useful resources around the event, so you can dig in deeper.

We had a lot of fun and Matthias and Stefan are wonderful speakers with lots of competence and big enthusiasm in their field.

Rust for curious developers — Memory management, zero-cost abstractions, fearless concurrency etc!
Data visualizations with Svelte + D3 at DER SPIEGEL

Upcoming Event

Meetup teaser image

In 2022, there are more interesting innovations for web developers in the Evergreen browsers than there have been for a long time. Not only is the long-awaited "parent selector" available with ':has()', but also @layer, which now allows the cascade to be influenced better. In addition, we get native container queries, not to forget subgrids. But also the small features like 'aspect-ratio', 'gap' in flexbox, fancy 'text-decoration'-styling, 'conic-gradient()', new colour spaces and their manipulation, adjusting fallback fonts and much much more.

👉 SPEAKER: Sven Wolfermann

Sven Wolfermann is a freelance web developer from Berlin with a focus on modern frontend development. He is considered an expert in the field of Responsive Web Design and shares his knowledge in lectures and workshops. His focus is always on user experience, accessibility and performance optimization.

🚀 MEDIA PARTNER: Heise Medien


Heads up! After the talk part we will raffle tickets for the upcoming c't webdev conference, see below!

Additionally, all members of our meetup community will get a 10% discount for the on-site ticket. We will send out the link soon, so please join our community there to receive the information soon.

Thanks a lot to Heise for supporting our community with this!

Register for the meetup here

Media Partner

Logo Heise Medien
Logo Heise Medien

🎉 Free tickets for c’t <webdev> conference

Join our October event — we will raffle:

  • 1 on-site ticket (worth 669€) plus

  • 3 streaming tickets (worth each 199€)

for the upcoming c't webdev conference (Nov 8th—9th) in Cologne. Topics include Web & Mobile development, UX, Accessibility, Testing & QA and Javascript. Find out more:

November Teaser

Save the date: On November 24 we will host an on-site meetup again — in real 3D, after nearly 3 years! We will meet at AOE in Wiesbaden and have a good time to chat about all things frontend, to network, to enjoy nice food & drinks. There will be 1-2 lightning talks to fuel some discussions :)

Stay tuned for all details soon.

Outlook for December + January

We got confirmations from

More details in time!

New homepage

And finally: Check out our new homepage — we just launched it yesterday. It’s a “MVP” version mainly showing upcoming and previous events so far, and we will expand it from there. Hope you like it!

If you find bugs or have improvement ideas or any kind of feedback, please let us know!


Frontend RheinMain connects frontend developers and web companies in RheinMain, and beyond. We host free-to-attend meetups to foster knowhow transfer of latest web development technologies.

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