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Gratitude. Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot. The Hausa of Nigeria

At DreamWorker, we know that a little gratitude can go a long, long way. We encourage all the people who register with us, to look at what they DO have in their lives. Just for a moment, forgetting about what they DON’T have. To remember their skills, their good references, their experience,  their support from loved ones, their innate gifts and qualities. And to start from there.
They all have one thing in common - they don’t have work. We certainly understand how challenging that is. But we also know it is not a healthy focus point. As each person begins to focus more on the amazing gifts that are always there, even in the absence of employment, they begin to sit taller in their chairs, hope begins to blossom and the magic of DreamWorker begins .......
The DreamTeam in full corporate gear
As at the end of March 2013, we are truly grateful for these splendid results (tracked from Sep 2008):

7 964 people registered, mentored and helped by DreamWorker
374 158 days of work facilitated for the unemployed
Resulting in over
R48 million of wages into the hands of previously unemployed people!

The DreamTeam would like to say a big THANK YOU to our funders, ongoing employers, networkers, donors to Link of Love and more. We could not do it without you!


Interviewing begins in a temporary office Yes, DreamWorker is up and running in Atlantis! The office has been co-funded by the Douglas Murray Trust and Cape Town Activa. Atlantis is historically an area that has high levels of unemployment and is in desperate need of economic growth. The interviews began in a temporary office, just one or two days a week, but now DreamWorker has a lovely permanent office. Our Atlantis DreamTeam of Maxwell Mentoor, Chrystal Bernardo and Chevonne Jones is building up a strong database of candidates and will be doing everything possible to help the unemployed in the area.


Achmat Jongie hard at workWhen Achmat Jongie arrived at DreamWorker post his retrenchment, all he really cared about was finding work to support his family. Achmat impressed us with his total commitment to his family. He proudly shared how he sacrificed everything to give his eldest daughter a better education and pay for her to complete a chef’s course. Today she works in an upmarket restaurant in Tamboerskloof! With his wide range of skills – ranging from electrical, to carpentry, to panel beating, building and roofing, we knew Achmat would be a superb handyman. As one of 8 children, Achmat’s parents did not have money to send him for formal training, so all his skills have been acquired quite literally “hands on”. He told us proudly “if anything breaks, I just know  I can fix it. Anything!”.
Achmat's wish


Tandi Tandi Honono’s greatest asset is her enormous smile and open hearted presence. This beautiful woman absolutely beams love! So when the TB/HIV Care Association was looking for a tea lady and office cleaner, someone with a gentle, caring, sunny personality.... well Tandi fitted the profile perfectly. When Tandi arrived at DreamWorker she was close to frantic, having been unemployed for a over a year, with 4 children to support.
Tandi's wish


Bonteheuwel Youth Week April 2013 Tania Sisam, DreamWorker’s central office manager, has been very busy spreading the word about Dreamworker far and wide in the community. She and other members of the DreamTeam have been doing talks and mini workshops on Worker Readiness, telling people all about DreamWorker, inspiring, uplifting and giving hope to the unemployed.
DreamWorker's wish

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