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These beautiful words from the late Maya Angelou, so richly describe our deepest philosophy at DreamWorker.
We know that we cannot find a job for every person who walks through our doors. But we do know that even the smallest spark of hope can ignite the flame of action. We know that people so often just need a loving touch, a caring word or a listening heart to keep them from falling into total despair. That is our gift to them always. The gift of reaching out. The gift of being fully present. The gift of deep human connection.


It was a crisp, clear, April morning, when 3 members of the DreamTeam reported on the famous “cutoff” flyover in the city to prepare for the making of our first TV commercial.
  • The cast:  Bronnie Davidson (Finance and Admin manager), Tania Sisam (Field and Training manager) and Charles Tshwane (Placements Administrator)
  • The script: Andre Steyn and Team from Advertising Agency, Inspiration
  • The production team: Mike Carelse, Claire Gritten and Marelise Strydom  from Blackbox Studios
  • The voice: Mpho Lakaje, producer Against All Odds, eTV
  • The Budget: ZERO!
Small screen fameThanks to the generous hearts of the members of Inspiration, Blackbox Studios and Mpho Lakaje and with a teeny bit of budget manipulation to pay for Lorraine and her children as main models, a 30 second pro bono spot was filmed in a single day. And of course our own staff pitched in as part time superstar TV models!
Moving from the bridge at dawn, to studio, Mike and his team were super organised. The entire day flowed seamlessly, with loads of laughs combined with tight co-ordination.
We loved the ad from the very first showing! No changes needed. Our creative team “got “ the essence of what we were trying to do from the outset.
Now to hold thumbs that eTV will give us those promised pro bono flightings!
Take a preview and enjoy!...............  


What an exciting day when the DreamTeam received news that DreamWorker had been awarded the project of opening a field office to service the Gugulethu and Nyanga communities.
The “Gunya” initiative as it is fondly known, is funded by the VPUU (Violence Prevention Urban Upliftment). Part of their plan to uplift the people of this area, is to provide access to work opportunities…..and that is what we do best!
Thando Abrahams and Ncumisa Kenqu were selected to run the office, with guidance from Field and Training Manager, Tania Sisam.
After some searching, an office was located in the Catholic Welfare Development Centre, Gugulethu. Walls were painted, floors were scrubbed, marketing material was handed out at libraries and community centres.
On Monday, 5 May the first candidates arrived to be registered …. and the office has been buzzing non stop ever since!

Tania S, Thando and Ncumisa 02/05/2014
Tania S, Thando and Ncumisa on the left, and Tania, Thando and Ncumisa day 1 of the new Gugulethu office - story above.
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Did you know?
DreamWorker has:
  • Interviewed, registered, supported, empowered and inspired over 13,000 unemployed people.
  • Facilitated over 720,000 days of work for people in the domestic, business, retail, food and industrial sectors.
  • Generated over R93 million worth of wages for the previously unemployed!
Our subsidiary programme, Link of Love, has been raising funds separately, to allow unemployed people to work in the community (R100 a day).
  • Since its inception, Link of Love has raised enough money to facilitate 2,135 days of paid community work.
  • This has resulted in R213 500 being put into the hands of the unemployed!
8 schools, 2 aged homes.
R10 000 a month to keep unemployed people working!

Please Link your Love for just R100.
LOL needs funds
LINK OF LOVE only has enough funds for 46 days of work!

Thank you to all our generous donors. We cannot do this work without you!

Please Link your Love for just R100.

Donate 1% of net profit to us and SARS will reduce your tax bill!


Ashwin Scheffers had been unemployed for over a year when he heard about DreamWorker. He was at a low point in his life, feeling frustrated and hopeless.
Imagine his delight when he was selected as one of 20 lucky DreamWorker candidates to be offered a six month contract at Hi Sense. Ashwin is part of their Skills Development Programme, aimed at assisting and uplifting the community of Atlantis.
He told us with great pride: “I am currently the only one working in my household. It brings me great joy to be able to support my parents and siblings with the salary I get from Hi Sense. I am also very grateful to wake up in the morning and go to work knowing I can earn some money today. Thank you DreamWorker!”


Tania Sisam, who heads up our FieldWorker team, has been closely involved with AVA (Action Volunteers Africa)  for some time. We are delighted to welcome a group of young men into our organisation for the next few months.
Volunters Keegan September, Shodiq Jardien, Muneeb Johnson and Allistair NocandaAVA is an organisation that sets young volunteers up to work in various organisations and NGO’s. They are paid a small daily stipend. The volunteers are allowed to choose the places they prefer to work and the idea is to build work experience, to get a “feel” for future career paths and to be awarded a good reference at the end of the period. In this way, AVA encourages the youth to become involved citizens, taking responsibility for their own development.
AVA, together with the Department of Community and Safety has launched a trial project with graduates from the Chrysalis Academy. Volunteering will provide a “bridge” into the world of work for these young people.
Chrysalis Academy takes young people who have been in a place of personal struggle, through a very stringent programme. They work with the “whole being” and cover emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues. Integrating young people into the healing power of nature plays a very strong role. As does taking responsibility for one’s life, learning about teamwork and more.
DreamWorker has been most blessed to enjoy some much needed administrative help from these inspiring young volunteers.

We welcome you all to our DreamTeam and thank you for your sincere contribution towards helping the unemployed.
We wish you the wings to fly as high as your dreams will permit!


In late 2013, Siyabulela Ngesi was in the right place at the right time!

Siyabulela Ngesi June 2014The DreamWorker Worklink Team was holding a marketing drive in the rural towns of Southern KZN. Siya, who had previously been employed by the department of Education, had completed his contract, resulting in five months of unemployment. 

It was while visiting the municipal library at Harding, that he overheard a DreamWorker Worklink team member explaining how they were able to help the unemployed find work.  He waited, followed the team member outside and asked a host of questions about how he could register!

And it was that one small step that ended with Siya becoming the Communication/Marketing officer for Cyassound Holdings in April 2014. The company organises many events such as the Jazz Festival, an internationally renowned programme that draws visitors from across the globe.

Siya says that the work is stressful, but he loves it. And he is still able to work around his continuing studies in project management.


R100 goes a long, long way in our communitiesOur Link of Love programme is still assisting the needy every month in Athlone, Delft, Hanover Park, Hout Bay and Gugulethu. Old people have their homes cleaned, schools have helping hands in the classrooms and unemployed members of the community earn some money to put food on the table….all the while helping those even less fortunate than themselves. One link of love at a time!

Helpers from Yizani Sakhe attend to an elderly lady in GugulethuPlease link your love today and help us to get South Africa working!
Remember, ALL DONATIONS are fully tax deductible.
(If you are a corporate donor, then 1% donation of net profits will give you a healthy tax reduction and improve your BEE rating).

Thank you!

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With love
from the DreamWorker/Link of Love team
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