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Read why science doesn't lie!! :) 

My Amazon Favorites for Coffee are also here!! 
I've been using a frother to mix in my Collagen Powder , some protein and a little milk and LOVE it!! 
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Where I upload and find quotes, motivation, great reminders, perspectives, pretty flowers, recipes, how to's, and ALLLLL the things daily.
(Truly Daily... I have over 840+ quotes in "Happy Vibes" ) 

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Have you ever ordered something off line / borroweed something from a friend because they made it look AMAZING and you too, wanted to look AMAZING?!

I present to you, THE COLOR TEST!!! What on earth is the color test? WELL, it helps you understand what colors work best for YOU. All based on your skin tone, hair color and eye color. You can use these results to help ya shop and feel like the bada$$ mamajama you are :)

For example, I LOVED the rust autumn hues but they never looked great on me #freakinfrustrating.... after taking this test and narrowing down my characteristics... I realized that vibrant light spring colors (light coral, bright yellow, LAVENDER, hot pink) are my SH!!T and it has helped when shopping on and offline SO.MUCH. (as well as making closet clean outs much easier)


Many individuals pay to have this analysis done, however, I scrounged around to find the simplest DIY Color Test I could for YOU! YEE!

(If you get confused... email me, call me, DM me - WE WILL FIGURE THIS OUT FOR YOU!)


and follow the path down the chart to determine what season you are. You'll begin by determining the undertone of your skin, eyes, hair and contrast between them all. You then will tally up if you have more cool or warm features and it will lead you down the path to show you what season you are!! 

If you still are unsure (or if you know and want to learn even MORE about your color palette) these resources break down characteristics by season even FURTHER -

Check out the... 
Winter Guide (Cool & Vibrant) 
Spring Guide (Warm & Fresh)
Summer Guide (Cool & Delicate) 
Autumn Guide (Warm & Rich)  

And if you are nerding out about it (DM me bc I'd love to chat), you can check out this more in-depth analysis :) 

Recipe Time

Nutrition on 1 Serving:
Calories: 274 | Carbohydrates: 11g | Fat: 12g | Protein: 33g
Source: LaurenFitFoodie

How I've Been Seeking God Daily

Some go to Church every week, some jam out to Christian Rock, some don't have a relationship with God really, some might only go to Church on Christmas and Easter, and others might find him best when they're on a walk alone and it's their "prayer time" - hey, whatever floats your boat!!! 

I enjoy going to Church (took me about 10 different churches to find one in DSM I vibe with but whatever! ;) ) And I still don't even go every week. Why? Because I know I still vibe really well with God in other ways and I've found what works for me (and sometimes I'm outta town ;) ) 

So if you're in the same boat as me, that doesn't make us less of a Christian than those who go every week. I've come to realize we all connect to God in our own ways and that is A O K !!!!! It's not a one size fits all approach. It's whatever makes you look forward to connecting with Him. 

I want to encourage you to find a way that you best connect with God! It could be by going to Church every week, it could be going on a Hike every Saturday/drive time in your car and using that time to speak with God, or maybe, you aren't interested in any of it at this time and are waiting to find your mojo. We all are so different so our approach to our Faith can be too.

I've been best connecting to Him best through this "Jesus Calling" book. It's a daily devotional and lemme tell ya, what I read and how it relates to that specific day is SPOT ON!! I really enjoy it :) 

If you think this is a book you'd like, I linked it for ya here! 

That's all, find your groove, peace N luv :) 
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WOOT WOOT WEEK #3 of the Running Series!!!

If you're new here (welcome!), I am bringing in special guests each week to give advice on running positively, increasing mileage, nutrition and just general words of wisdom!!! AHH!!! #heartEYES

This week, we have KARISSA SCHWEIZER
(6X NCAA CHAMPION, Runs for the Nike Bowerman Track Club, American RECORD breaker, and a DAM GOOD CHANCE TO BE IN THE OLYMPICS) - she's kind of a BIG FN FABULOUS DEAL! 

She is Iowa NICE (for real, she went to High School at Dowling Catholic) and she agreed to do an interview for
Mae We All subscribers!!!

Her Insta and her teammates are fun to follow :) 

Check out some advice from her here!!!!

Rachel's Running Tid Bit's -

I sure as heck am not a professional, however I have learned a thing or 6 while running for fun and geeking out over running and mindset podcasts :)  

1st week - How To Mantra the HECK UP ( 
Mae We All #7 )
2nd week - Set a dam GOAL  ( 
Mae We All #8 )  


I used to just get up and run... however, now I've learned the importance of taking even just 5 minutes to properly warm up my muscles since I was sitting all dang day.

 This helps prevent injury and makes your run WAY more enjoyable because your muscles are prepped :D 

After I run, I've began to stretch more AND roll out to help my muscles recover and to keep them in tip top shape :D
If you don't have time to properly warm up then you don't have time to exercise. AKA That was a sassy way to say RESPECT YOURSELF AND STRETCH MY PEEPS! 

GREAT Dynamic Movements for before your run
EXCELLENT Stretches for after your run

Are in this BombA$$ Article

Next newsletter I'll link to my fav running gear and playlists - OOOOOOOH BABY! :) 
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That's all folks! Thanks for reading :) 

PS - please respond with any suggestions :)
Where does Mae We All come from? 
My Name is Rachel Mae Demmer, the Mae comes from my middle name and I wanted to do a nice little play on words for Mae We Alll.... enjoy this newsletter and hopefully found something helpful :) 
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