How can PR get your brand the goodwill it deserves? First, getting brand owners and intended brand owners to understand what Public relations is, is very vital. Unfortunately, Public relations industry as it is needs to do a very good job of Public Relations on itself as an industry. Not a lot of people are aware of the intense impact Public relations can have on their brands.

 Public relations, also known as a brand’s image shaper, is an effective way to build a brand, communicate with a target market and attract investment. When properly executed, PR can reap large dividends, hence, lay that golden egg most cherished by brands.

So what is Public Relations? Public Relations (PR) is about raising your company’s standards to the public, creating and sustaining relationships with key people and managing your reputation. PR also aims to inform the public, including your potential clientele and business partners. All these revolve around telling a good story. What the public wants to hear is a good story that evokes conversation about your brand. Good PR is the telling of a good story that creates awareness for a brand.


Here are more reasons why PR is vital to your brand.


When starting, very few people will know about your brand. However, to grow your brand to be successful, this needs to change, and getting your voice out there in the press can be an effective way of doing this.

PR provides various ways to communicate what your brand stands for. In reality, it encourages others to do your advertising for you. As a new brand, you’re likely to come across challenges that involve communicating your new product or service within busy markets, particularly if you’re trying to surpass existing products or initiate dynamic ways of executing a business. An active and consistent voice is quintessential, and a well-strategized PR campaign provides the means for that voice to be heard.

Good PR develops consumer trust

Spotlighting the brand’s distinction and differentiation in the market, how their offerings are transforming the lives of their current customers and how they can do the same for new customers, good PR can help to create and develop valuable consumer relationships. It’s known verbiage that consumers typically do business with brands they know and trust, and PR is just the right tool to capture the attention of potential customers. 

In PR, a brand mentioned in a positive story in the media or recommended by a respected reporter, expert or influencer can be a priceless piece of PR. This will help drive brand recognition and credibility which will result in repeat sales and valuable brand equity.

One last thingGreat PR Creates Investor Interest!

Several angel investors and venture capitalists’ search for organic media coverage as part of the ways to give capital. To investors, these are all clear indicators of a company that's on the right track. In making this worthwhile for various businesses, B2B and B2C companies can create a scenario by working with industry journalists, to place stories in prominent publications - providing investors with a portfolio of company-specific updates. This move for PR showcases a brand’s capability to invest in its personal and professional image, an understanding of the market and a commitment to long-term growth. 


Public relations is just one of the ways of generating the goodwill of a brand, but it sure the best way to generate a continuous return on investment over time. Public Relations is priceless to a brand as it lays the golden egg most cherished for brands at a cheaper cost.

by Ayobami Ajenipa 
PR Manager
Robert Taylor Media 

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