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Definition in pertaining to Public Relations: Barter is the process of bargaining, exchanging, or trading products, merchandise, or something other than money in exchange for PR consulting or services, or for advertising space or time, among other things.

As PR agencies and in a bid to foster true Journalism in Nigeria, the use of Barter has become a clear necessity to get our clients Media Mileage. 

Most agencies are now looking at barter to deliver for their customers. 

Most of our clients have various products or services that can be attractive to media. 


Ms. Adebanke Ade-Ojo encourages client (MART LIFE) to provide complimentary service to Adesuwa Onyenokwe of TW Magazine in exchange for a full page feature. 

When our agency contacted Ruth Osime of Thisday in regards to Mart Life, she did ask us what services that Mart Life Provided, showing keen interest in the services, which we could have exchanged for media mileage as opposed to paying a fee to feature.

We must look at what our clients can offer and use that to sensitize our media.

Not only does this get us media mileage. This also helps your media get well acquainted with your clients brand.