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Is your Press Release on point?

So you've decided that a press release is in order! Maybe your company has a major announcement, maybe you're an author releasing a new book, or maybe you want to spread word about your awesome new Kickstarter campaign - that's great! But how do you make sure to get the best ROI (Return On Investment) on the time and money that you're going to put into this press release and any future press releases that you may need to distribute?

Well, we have a few helpful writing tips for you to get the most bang for your buck:

1. Identify your story and make sure it's newsworthy

Make sure you think about your story and why your audience should care about it. Your press release will get much more attention if it's interesting and relevant to the people you hope to have read it!

2. Know your audience

In order to know how to make people care about your story and what they care about, you have to know who they are! Make sure you do some research and target the demographics of your customer base or audience so you know who you're writing your press release for.

3. Use a clear, but catchy title

A first impression matters! Your press release title should indicate the value of your story so readers will click on it wanting to read more. It should also concisely summarize your story so your readers know what to expect when they click. 

4. Make it easy to reuse

If you're hoping to have your press release picked up and shared by a news or other outlet, make their job easy! Use quotes and snippets from company leaders that can be easily reused, and include bullet points that are quickly skimmable for important facts. Also make sure you include follow-up contact information or links to your website in case they want to gather more info from you!

5. Write brief information about The Brand or The Person

6. Include your contact Details and Social Media Handles.

You need to be able to be reached in the event an editor has questions. 

Finally, double check your work. READ IT OUT LOUD and hear how it sounds. Get a co-worker to read it for you. Ensure that your spelling and grammar is stellar!

Don't forget that writing a press release is one thing!

It is important to ensure that you immediately but your clients project or name on google alert so that you can get notified.

You must provide media clippings and traction from online or audio from radio or TV schedules to your clients! 

Following up with your media to ensure coverage of your press release is also very important.

NOTE- Its important you have at least 3 versions of your release and that your media carries different write ups (with the same stories of course).

Finally, practice makes perfect!