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The Storyhunter platform has changed a lot over the past few months.  We’re constantly listening to feedback from our freelancer network and publishing partners, striving to improve our platform for our community.  Soon we’ll announce some new features, but there’s one important change I wanted to tell you about now: Effective immediately, any freelance journalist commissioned to work in a conflict zone on Storyhunter will automatically receive a top-of-the-line insurance plan, free of charge.


As a freelance journalist based in the Middle East, whenever civilians were fleeing a dangerous situation, my colleagues and I typically went the opposite way, straight into the action. Remarkably, on most assignments, in Iraq, Pakistan, Israel, Gaza, and Egypt, I had no insurance coverage whatsoever. Looking back now, I realize just how crazy, and lucky, I was.


When we founded Storyhunter in 2012, I naively assumed that insurance for freelance journalism would become the norm. Sadly, and despite the recent murders of James Foley and Steven Sotloff, it still has not. Most freelance journalists working in conflict zones still do so with no insurance whatsoever. Seeing what was happening to our colleagues in Libya and Syria, we have made insuring freelance journalists worldwide a top priority. You can read more about our policy in this announcement from earlier this week.

If you’re a freelance journalist, whether you’re working on our platform or not, please demand insurance before going into a conflict zone. If you’re a publisher or media company looking for a solution to insure your freelancers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly. In honor of our colleagues who have gone missing and those planning their next trip to a war zone, I am proud to say that insurance is no longer a privilege:  It’s a right.

Jaron Gilinsky,
Founder and CEO

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