ILO Complaint alleges Canadian Company Violates FPIC

Canadian Mining Companies Highlighted in Upcoming Complaint Submission to the ILO

On Monday November 23, the Shuar Artuam Peoples Government Council (CGPSHA in Spanish) will present a complaint to the International Labour Organization (ILO). The complaint alleges that Canadian company, Solaris Resources, has violated the Amazonian Indigenous Shuar peoples' right to self-determination, territory, cultural identity, and Free Prior and Informed Consent. 

The details of the complaint will be presented this Monday November 23rd, at 10amEDT, online.

Chief Kukpi7 Judy Wilson from the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs will comment on the Shuar's struggle and the importance of FPIC for upholding Indigenous Rights.  

Journalists and allies are encouraged to attend. Interpretation to English will be provided. 


Information on the online event:

Protecting life, Pueblo Shuar Arutam against mining: Taking international legal actions

The territory of the Shuar Arutam People (PSHA) in the Ecuadorian Amazon is threatened by mining concessions and other unconsulted projects that put the environment and the integrity of the Shuar people at risk. This past year, PSHA denounced the actions of the Canadian mining company, Solaris Resources, which intends to start operations without the prior consent of all affected communities, using a supposed process of prior consultation held with only two Shuar communities.

In view of this, the PSHA has decided to take legal actions at an international level. In this event, representatives of the Pueblo Shuar Arutam and their legal advisors will explain the legal actions to be taken and what they expect to achieve. A representative of the Canadian Indigenous movement will also participate, in solidarity with the threats posed by Solaris in Shuar territory.


- Josefina Tunki, President of the Pueblo Shuar Arutam
- Fanny Kaekat Utitiaj, Shuar Women's Spokesperson
- Kukpi7 Judy Wilson, Secretary Treasurer of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (Canada) and Chief of the Neskonlith First Nation
- Mario Melo, lawyer of TIAM Association
- Moderator: Marcelo Unkush, PSHA

Date: 23rd November, 10am (Quito)
Registration: ​

Media Contacts:

Speakers In Spanish: Josefina Tunki, Mario Melo

Press Contact PSHA: (​+59 3​) 0982336506 - 0991480866

In English:
Carlos Mazabanda (Amazon Watch +59 393 941 9559) Kirsten Francescone (MiningWatch Canada +1 437 345 9881)


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