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The Upper Falls News is an email newsletter about what's going on in our village.  The Upper Falls News is brought to you by the Upper Falls Area Council but it's intended to cover any and all news in the village. 

Sunrise Over Hemlock Gorge - It was looking touch and go there for a while.  Would Echo Bridge be clear of snow by Easter morning?  After our weather reprieve of the last weeks, the bridge is now clear.  Tomorrow morning, April 5 at 6 AM, the 2nd Baptist Church will be holding their annual Easter Sunrise Service on Echo Bridge.  Everyone is welcome.  Come for the service and then back at the church afterwards for donuts ... unless we get a surprise blizzard tonight.

Nomad Story Slam - Next Friday, April 10 at 7:30 PM our Upper Falls based Newton Nomadic Theater will be holding its 3rd Nomad Story Slam, down the road at Gregorian Rugs in Lower Falls.  It's a night of community storytelling inspired by the Moth Radio Hour.  If you haven't been you should.  These are fabulous events.  Come hear the stories or if you're a bit more adventurous, throw you name in the hat to tell you own story.  It must be 5 minutes long, be true, and be connected to the night's theme - "Imagine my surprise".  For more information or tickets ($10) go to the Newton Nomadic Theater's web site.

Let the Light Shine - The Newton Solar Panel challenge is coming to Upper Falls this week.  They'll be at the Emerson Community Center this Wednesday, April 8 at 7 PM.  You can learn everything you need to know to get solar panels installed on your house and begin saving money today.  They have everything you need including discounts on equipment, approved installers, solar loans from the Village Bank, and generous tax incentives.  Hear the details on this NewTV story or just come by the Emerson on Wednesday and begin weaning your home off the grid.

Upper Falls Fools - Village14, the local Newton blog, put on a bit of an April Fools extravaganza this April Fools Day.  The morning started off with a series of stories about the Mayor Warren's decision to step down from office to become the Ambassador to Israel.  That story snookered huge numbers of people across the city.  At noon time the blog announced that it had been sold to The Onion and then re-branded the web site as The Newton Onion.  For the remainder of the day, the site put up a continuous feed of more than a dozen fake Newton news story, everything from the Blue Ribbon Barbecue going vegan to nude bathing at Crystal Lake.  There was even one about Upper Upper Falls.

Robotic Champs - The Newton Ligerbots Robotic team, including a few of our Upper Falls students, won the coveted District Chairmen's Award at a competition at UMass Dartmouth on March 18.  Next weekend, April 9-11, they're headed to New England Regional Championship at Wocester Polytech - GO LIGERBOTS!!!!

You Can't Get There From Here - The Elliot St bridge over the Charles River will be closed for six months starting sometime in July.  We're going to be sure we get our fill of Brothers Pizza on the other side of the bridge, between now and July.  Read the details on the Newton Tab.

Serve Yourself - NewtonSERVES, the annual citywide day of volunteer service, will be held on April 26 this year.  There will be dozens of volunteer projects going on across the city.  Here in Upper Falls there'll be a project to clean up trash and prune vegetation on the planned Upper Falls Greenway.  Check out the list of projects and sign up to serve yourself.

What the Hell is Going On? - Everyone in the neighborhood wants to know what happened to the Upper Falls Greenway project.  It was supposed to have been completed a long time ago but it has been frozen in a half done state for more than a year.   The contractor, Iron Horse Preservation, never completed the project.  The rails were removed long ago and the ties were pulled up.  The ties are stacked up on the right of way and need to be disposed of and the stone dust path needs to be built.   City Hall, our local aldermen, and the Friends of the Greenway are working to try to come up with some kind of plan to get the project completed.

What's On Your Mind? - The monthly meeting of the Upper Falls Area Council will be on Wed, April 15 at 7 PM at the Emerson Community Center.  If there are any neighborhood issues that you think need addressing, come to the meeting and let your councilors know about it.

There Really Are 12 More Villages Out There - Much as we like Upper Falls, there are twelve more Newton villages out there and the annual Tour de Newton is a great way to see them all.  (BTW - the recent report of the demise of Thompsonville is not to be believed).

The twenty mile leisurely Tour de Newton bicycle ride starts simultaneously in all 13 villages.   You'll ride the circuit with your Upper Falls neighbors and make stops at all of the other villages.  New features added this year include the Petite Tour (a 5 mile loop for inexperienced riders) and the Contra Tour, a group riding in the opposite direction at a higher speed.  Registration has already begun for the Sunday, June 21 event and it's expected to fill up well before the event - so register today.

Let's Talk Parking - Despite the Newton's Onion's report that citizens have lost all interest in parking, nothing could be further from the truth.  The League of Woman Voters will be presenting a proposed plan for parking on Thurs April 23 at 7 PM in Newton Free Library.
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