What’s Your Style of Self Sabotage? 

Let’s Look At The Stuff Thats Hard To Look At: 

We all self-sabotage in one way... or many lol. Although it can be triggering, convicting, or straight up uncomfortable to admit; it’s necessary to examine the part we play in our own trials and “misfortunes.”

Beneath each act (subconscious alike) of sabotage there’s deep rooted “beliefs.” We sabotage situations to give ourselves the confirmation that the story we’ve been told (or have told ourselves) is true. Literally creating our own reality. It’s important to make the distinction between beliefs and desires. For example, you may desire a great life partner, but you don’t believe that you deserve a great partner or unconditional love. 

In a classic story, there’s usually a protagonist (hero, or person working towards the desired goal), and an antagonist (villain, or person working against the desired goal). We’re conditioned to always speak from the protagonist perspective... that is until we become self aware. *Think of your friends who always tell the story as if the other person involved is wrong. 

Be honest with yourself this week and ask yourself often; how am I sabotaging this situation, and why?

For more detailed examples of how we self-sabotage, click the link below to access an article from Psychology Today.


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Ascend Relaunch! 

Last year I started a company called Ascend that is dedicated to creating apparel that shows who we are on a soul level; to engage people and inspire connection. The primary intent is create a stream of financial support to Water Is Life, an organization that provides water pumps, filters, and hygienic education to Africa. You can find out more about their incredible work and technology here

After learning more about retail practices and vendors, I am relaunching the online store! Take a look through the website and find what resonates. There’s some new releases on the way, I’ll keep you posted! 


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