The Connection Between Spirituality and Sexuality 

How Are We Experiencing Sexuality As Spiritual Beings?  

There are plenty of social constructs, institutions, and standards that encourage the separation of sexuality and spirituality. I’ve been exploring the direct connection and interchangeable manifestation of both subjects, and I’ve come to realize how deeply rooted the illusion of separation is. Take my social platform for example, I’ve probably spoken on every subject under and around the sun besides SEX. There! I said it in a newsletter y’all, lol!

Inevitably this led me down a path of questions for myself; “why do I steer away from sexuality in the name of keeping it “clean, holistic, and spiritual?” “What would I lose perception wise if I acknowledge sexuality to my community?” And most importantly “What is my true perception of sexuality as a spiritual being?”   

I’ve found some transformative resources that I’ve shared with you in the links below. 

•Teal Swan discusses in a YouTube video how sexuality IS spiritually healing. She dives deep into different sexual preferences, desires, fetishes, and even deviances to give great insight to what kind of healing people are trying to achieve through their sexual encounters. Here are a few questions I’ve curated to assist you in your personal work:

1. What do I “need” to feel during sexual encounters? (Ex: I need to feel safe, I need to feel in control, I need to feel accepted, etc.)

2. Outside of sexuality, why don’t I feel this way in my spirit? (Ex: My childhood was an uncertain/insecure environment, I have experienced moments of powerlessness or force, I have not learned to accept myself fully yet.) 

3. How can I begin to heal #2 from within, and ultimately transcend that energy sexually? 

•Angela Hall wrote an article that’s dives deep into our patterns that reflect harmony and health between sexuality and spirituality, versus patterns of compartmentalizing sex as exclusive physical pleasure by avoiding what’s happening on a soul level.

The work here is to investigate what deep seeded beliefs do we have that are reflected in our sexuality? Although we may separate the two (they are ultimately connected). Is there shame on a soul level that is expressed as shame of your sexual preferences? 

Mars is in Retrograde, so It’s a beautiful opportunity to get reflective. Happy Spiritual AND Sexual healing!  

May this bring you back to YOU.

Healing Sexuality Video
Spirit/Sex Connection Article

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After learning more about retail practices and vendors, I am relaunching the online store! Take a look through the website and find what resonates. There’s some new releases on the way, I’ll keep you posted! 


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