Our chapter is on the way to reaching our target of reaching out to 500 girls this year! Well Done!!
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End of the Year


Give yourselves a pat on the back for another amazing year of robogals!
It will be a year to beat! But that won't stop us from trying to make next year an even better one.

Let's recap shall we?

1.) Congatulations to Perth Robogals for winning Best Community and Best Networking Event!
2.) We've reached out to so many girl this last month that we've reached over one-third of our goal! And that's before the year has even started! That deserves recognition and it's all thanks to our School Managers.
3.) Hugely successfull high teas and more to come next year!
4.) Sucessfull fundraising events!
5.) Recruiting over 50 volunteers through our training sessions and other events!

We've got a lot of events planned for next year. So we'll see you again then!
And thank you to all the Committee Members who have put in so much time and effort to make it all happen!

President's Bulletin

"It's been an awesome month here at Robogals Perth! We ran our final High Tea for the year at the beginning of October with GREAT success, and much cake! We're also 30% of the way toward reaching the goals we set at SINE this year with 238 girls taught already!!! Keep a look out over the holidays because we have no intention of stopping and don't forget if you want to be involved email/stalk/chat/interpretive dance at one of our friendly committee members!"


"Highteas are such a fun way to get in touch with professionals, learn the ropes of the business and get some valuable networking.

There is someone for everyone, whether your in environmental engineering or mechanical engineering.

It has been a great success and a great experience for me as well. We'll be holding a lot more next year, so stay in touch and like us on facebook!" 
-Christianne Luger


We'll be hitting the snooze button for now, But just in case, like us on facebook to keep up to date with events.

Robogals Perth is a student run volunteering club based at the University of Western Australia, and is a branch of Robogals Inc. Our main goal is to increase the number of girls undertaking science, engineering and technology at university. 

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Thanks to the UWA Guild 
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