Caramelized Onion-Maple Jam from Allison Carroll Duffy for the holidays, plus Light & Fresh Orange Marmalade, Green Tomato Jam, and Fig Pizza! Holiday Gift-Giving ideas.

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Here's to a Jammin'
Holiday Season!


CanningCraft Creates:
Caramelized Onion-Maple Jam

By Allison Carroll Duffy

Allison Carroll Duffy
Oh, I think I have found a new favorite condiment!

Loaded with caramelized onions, and sweetened with maple syrup and apple cider, this soft-set jam is rich, earthy, and complex. It has quickly become my go-to jam for dressing up a cheese plate, and it's delicious alongside roast turkey or roast pork, so it's perfect for the holiday season.

This jam doesn't contain many ingredients, so quality is key. Be sure to use 100 percent real maple syrup, and use fresh apple cider if you can get it. Apple juice will do in a pinch, but cider is better, as it's sweeter, richer, and has a more complex flavor.

The other key to success with this recipe is technique -- which is not something I say about very many recipes. The deliciousness of this jam is due largely to the successful caramelization of the onions, as well as the concentration of flavors by cooking down the jam to reduce the liquid content. Neither of these things are difficult to do(so in case you are worried, please don't be!), but a little attention to detail will go a long way, especially in step 3.

Most of us are used to caramelizing onions in fat such as butter or oil, but this recipe, as it is designed to be a can-able recipe, calls for caramelizing the onions without any fat, so the process is a little bit different.

Caramelized Onion-Maple Jam

 jam on spoon and in jar
Carmelized Onion-Maple Jam Ingredients
2 pounds onions (6 cups sliced)
1 teaspoon salt
3 cups apple cider
1 cup plus 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (5% acidity)
¼ teaspoon black pepper
2 teaspoons calcium water
1 cup maple syrup
2 teaspoons Pomona's pectin powder

Get the complete recipe for Caramelized Onion-Maple Jam here.

Caramelized Onion-Maple Jam on cracker with cheese

 New Recipes


Orange Marmalade -- Light & Fresh

From Pomona's Direction & Recipe Sheet & now on our website

Marmalade on crackers


Green Tomato Jam

Contributed by Vivian Solomon - adapted from

jar of green tomato jam

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Recipes for Holiday Gifts


Christmas Jam

Cranberry, Orange & Frozen Strawberry -- a holiday pleaser submitted by Nancy O'Neal.
Photo by Nancy O'Neal

Christmas Jam


Cranberry-Orange-Pear Holiday Jam

From Allison Carroll Duffy, author of Preserving with Pomona's Pectin

jam on toast

Merry Mulled Merlot

Created by Carey Nash -- Merlot, Cranberry, and Orange

jam and cheese on crackers


You'll Find 8 More Inspiring Ideas Here.

Did You Know? 

Jars of jam & jam-making equipment


It's easy to mix different fruits in a jam even if you don't have a recipe.

You can make a jam that is a mix of different fruits by referring to the basic recipes on the recipe sheet that comes with the pectin or to the instructions on the Get Creative page of our website, and then doing the math.

You will use the amounts of lemon or lime juice (if called for), calcium water, and pectin appropriate for each cup of mashed fruit you will be jamming.

For example, if you want to make a combination Peach-Raspberry Jam using 3 cups of mashed peach and 1 cup of mashed raspberry, this is how you would figure out the additional ingredients for a safe recipe that will jell.

Lemon Juice: 1 Tablespoon is required for each cup of mashed peach (3 Tablespoons for 3 cups), while no lemon juice is required for the cup of mashed raspberry, for a total of 3 Tablespoons of lemon juice.

Calcium Water: 1 teaspoon is required for each cup of mashed peach (3 teaspoons for 3 cups), while ½ teaspoon is required for the cup of mashed raspberry, for a total of 3½ teaspoons of calcium water.

Pomona's Pectin: ¾ teaspoon is required for each cup of mashed peach (2¼ teaspoons for 3 cups), while ½ teaspoon is required for the cup of mashed raspberry, for a total of 2¾ teaspoons of pectin.

The sugar and honey ranges always remain the same for 4 cups of mashed fruit: ½ cup up to 1 cup honey or ¾ cup up to 2 cups sugar.

Besides Peach-Raspberry, you might also want to play with combining 3 or 4 different types of berries for a Mixed Berry Jam, or blackberries and nectarines for a delicious combination.

As long as you do your math correctly, you should have no problem with jelling.

We’d love to hear about combinations you’ve tried that you like.

Fig Jam Pizza

cooked fig pizza
By Darcie Durr

I love figs! And lucky for me, fig trees do surprisingly well in my little corner of the Pacific Northwest (not far from where Pomona’s Universal Pectin was born in Arlington, WA).

Our two fig trees were dripping with luscious green and purple figs this September and October, and I wanted to make them last. I also wanted to find a less-sweet alternative to the commercial fig jam we’ve been buying for our family’s favorite weeknight dinner – Fig Pizza!

In searching online for fig jam recipes, I came across Pomona’s Universal Pectin. I was intrigued. And so the Pomona’s recipe for Balsamic Fig Jam was the first thing I canned. Ever.

For my first batch, I used 4 cups of mashed figs, ¼ cup balsamic vinegar, and ½ cup of honey, in addition to the other ingredients called for in the recipe. For my second batch, I used ¾ cup Turbinado sugar in place of the honey. Both are the minimum recommended amounts of balsamic vinegar and sweetener. The results are exactly what I wanted.

The jam is perfect for making Fig Pizza – fresh tasting, sweet but not cloying, and so satisfying. It is noticeably less sweet than the Fig Pizza I used to make with commercial fig jams, but my five-year old eats it without a single complaint!

Fig Pizza Ingredients
1 recipe of your favorite pizza dough or 16 oz. prepared ball of dough
1 to 1½ cups of Fig Balsamic Jam
2-3 cups of shredded mozzarella cheese
Blue cheese crumbles (optional)
Prosciutto cut into 1” strips (optional)

uncooked fig pizza
Darcie's Fig Pizza ready for the oven.

Paul and I made a Fig Pizza with Balsamic Fig Jam -- no mozzarella cheese, just some sauteed mushrooms and dabs of blue cheese -- absolutely delicious!
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box of Pomona's Pectin

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Adventure Jamming!
Jammin’ with Marguerite

 Marguerite making jam

“I never would have thought a simple gift-giving idea would turn out to be such an amazing adventure,” says Marguerite Riker of Jammin’ with Marguerite in Holland, Michigan.
“My jam and jelly making started as an idea to give gifts for Christmas in 2011. I wanted to offer something special for my family and friends. After making traditional jams, I thought it would be fun to add a twist to recipes and add a bit of savory herb or citrus zest.” So she did.

seared scallops with blueberry thai basil preserves
Seared Scallops with Blueberry Thai Basil Preserves
“Now my niche is savory jams and jellies, and I love using herbs in as many as possible. It didn’t happen at first, but now I can just think of a combination and literally taste it in my head!”
Marguerite got so much encouragement from the jam eaters in her life, and believed so strongly in her jam-making vision and love of sharing her creations, that she was emboldened, even in a difficult economic time, to make a career transition to full-time jam-making businesswoman.
“Now I have customers who order my jams and jellies to send to their families and friends as gifts,” she says. Visit her website, Jammin’ with Marguerite, to see the wide variety of her selections or to purchase some of her delicious low-sugar concoctions. If you live in Michigan, you can also learn on her website about where you can buy her jams and jellies around Holland and Detroit.

 jar of blueberry vanilla lavender preserves

As part of Marguerite’s passion for jam making and love of sharing, she has contributed one of her most favorite and very popular blueberry recipes for us to share with you:  Blueberry Vanilla Lavender Preserves.

Read more about Marguerite’s business and her advice for starting one of your own here.

Need a Gift Idea for your Favorite Jammer?

That's My Jam

Four beautiful E-books by Lindsay Landis of the Love & Olive Oil Blog

Creative & Tasty low-sugar recipes, many using our own Pomona's Pectin.

cover of Winter book

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Preserving with Pomona's Pectin
by Allison Carroll Duffy & the Pomona's Partners
Order by clicking on title or book cover.

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