Announcement from the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals

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Announcement from the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professional

Expansion of the Certification Process For Experienced Vocational Rehabilitation Practitioners


To ensure fair and equal access for all Canadian VR Practitioners to be

registered in a regulatory college, the CVRP is currently developing an

accommodation option as an alternative to the standard examination process.

This will not be a grandfathering-in option. It will be specifically directed to

VR service providers with extensive experience in VR roles or jobs that fall

within the Scope of Practice of CVRP.

The goal of expanding the option for certification is to ensure all VR

practitioners not only provide services for which they are accountable, but

to ensure that the recipients of those services are appropriately protected by

a regulatory body. An individual must demonstrate extensive applied VR

knowledge, skill and experience. Eligibility requirements will be determined by

a special CVRP Committee over the next several months.


Watch the CVRP website for future developments!


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