October 2, 2015

As noted in the CVRP update sent out to Registrants on September 30th, the Annual General Meeting of the College will be held at 12 noon EST on Wednesday December 2, 2015.  

The CVRP 2015 Proxy for the 2015 AGM, along with the complete 'Slate for Nominations' will be posted within 15 days of the 2015 AGM in the ‘Members Only’ section of the CVRP website under the tab marked “CVRP AGM”.  If you cannot attend, please exercise your right to give appropriate guidance to the Board of Directors by signing and sending your CVRP 2015 Proxy to the CVRP office by end of business day (5:00 pm EST) December 1, 2015.  The directions for correct assignment of the Proxy will clearly explained on the Proxy form. 
This is the Call for Nominations for the CVRP Board of Directors to be included in the Slate of Nomination for Directors and Officers [Bylaw No. 1 s. 10, 11, 13, 15] for the term of office from December 2, 2015 to December 6, 2017 or the date of the 2017 AGM [Bylaw No. 1 s. 40].
Nominations must be received by November 15th 2015.  Electronic copies can be submitted as long as the hard copy is received by the date noted above.  Nominees are asked to submit a statement of relevant professional and personal experience by attaching a typewritten statement, not to exceed 150 words, completed and signed by the Nominee, providing business and professional experience, length of registration, CVRP positions held, and any additional professional and personal data that the nominee deems relevant.  
To view the 2015 Nomination and Elections Procedure, and the Nomination Form, click here. You will be asked to login to your CVRP profile before you can view the page.

Call for Volunteers!

At the beginning of each Fall, the standing committees of the College are tasked with reviewing their 'Procedures' or 'Rules' document, the Terms of Reference of their committee and to set/review policies for conduction of  the business of each committee. Without volunteers, we cannot efficiently conduct the regulatory procedures in our mandate to protect the Public. Volunteers are awarded up to 10 CEU's per year for giving of their time and expertise. 

The following committees are in need of volunteers: Professional Practice Committee, Complaints Committee, Discipline Committee and the Fitness to Practice Committee.  Once the documents and policies have been reviewed annually, the Complaints, Discipline and Fitness to Practice committees are in a holding pattern to be called upon in the event of a complaint, which might be then referred to either the Discipline or Fitness to Practice if a Professional Misconduct was found to have occurred. Members of these committee would be called upon to act on a panel in response to a complaint received by the College.  

The Professional Practice committee has an interesting and challenging year ahead. CVRP Director, Sue Allardyce has graciously accepted the appointment and will be taking on the position of Chair. Tasks for this pivotal committee include reviewing and revising the CVRP Scope of Practice to include the new CCVE credential and a separate document for Standards of Practice, which will more clearly define the skills and knowledge accepted for competent VR and VE practice. The PP committee will be working closely with the CCVE Standards of Practice sub-committee to assist in the development of the CCVE Standards.
Volunteers are invited to send an email to with your preferred committee choice and personal contact information as soon as possible. Interested volunteers will be contacted directly by a CVRP Administrator and/or the Chair of the assigned committee with a tentative meeting schedule. We thank you in advance for your involvement. 

Errors and Omission Insurance Options:

As a Registrant of the College, you are required to hold and maintain current malpractice insurance for Errors and Omission.  This insurance provides protection for miscellaneous malpractice liability for “claim(s)”s made and reported against a CVRP Registrant. A registrant who cannot produce a current certificate of insurance upon audit or request, may be liable for discipline under the CVRP Policy 01: Professional Misconduct, Section:College Compliance #38. Click here for Policy 01- Professional Misconduct

To assist all members to access the required E&O insurance, go to Red Box called ‘EXPLORE’ at the bottom left of the home page and click on the title "Errors and Omissions Practice Insurance" . The CVRP Policy runs from November 15th each year. 

Please direct any further questions to or

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