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The College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals  
30 September 2015
  1. CCVE Credential - Grandfathering Cohort 1: New Fee Structuring for CVRP Registrants
  2. CCVE Volunteers needed for Peer-review Process of Cohort 2 and New Applicant Process
  3. Notice for 2015 AGM -   2 December 2015 Noon EST
  4. Call for Nominations
1. CCVE Credential Process for CVRP Registrants:
            Applications for Grandfathering – Fee Structure Revised  
On August 20, the Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator (CCVE) credential became a reality. The CVRP continues to work together with CAVEWAS to finalize the application criteria for Cohort 2 of the Credential Grandfathering Process as well as the criteria for new applicants.  Part and parcel of that process is a fee structure to support appropriate grandfathering accreditation application analysis in this specialization as a protection to the public.  

A) Registrants currently holding CVRP credentials

As part of the grandfathering option, current College registrants in good standing will be charged a one-time only fee of $200.00 to complete the grandfathering process.  Registration dues will be incurred separately, and as always, on the member’s typical renewal date. For current members in good standing, your College registration number will remain the same.  If your CCVE grandfathering application is successful, you will be awarded a CCVE designation to be listed along with your initial CVRP credential.

B) CAVEWAS members not yet registered with the College

For those individuals who are NOT yet members of the College, an additional $200 fee will apply as the annual registration dues on acceptance to the College.  This will result in an overall fee of $400.  Such applicants, if successful, will be designated as CCVE and will be given a registration number.  As new Registrants, they must abide by the College Rules of Registration for dues and maintenance and adhere to all CCVE practice standards and guidelines. A registration renewal of $200 will occur on a yearly basis.
2. CCVE Volunteers needed for Peer Review Process of Cohort 2 and New Applicant Process
As part of the eligibility criteria for the Cohort 2 Grandfathering phase and the new applicant phase for the CCVE, we are asking newly awarded CCVEs to volunteer their time to be trained for the Peer Review Committee.    CEU’s will be awarded for the anticipated 2-day training as well as an additional 10 credit hours per year for working on a peer review panel or for volunteering on two new CCVE committees.   These committees are the CCVE Registration and Application Committee (of which the Peer Review Committee is a sub-committee) and the CCVE Professional Practice Committee.  These committees are pivotal to the development and maintenance of a solid Canadian body of board examined, credentialed vocational evaluators, who have achieved  a strong set of professional standards.  The grandfathering phase for the CCVE is a short 12 month period.  Don’t’ wait too long; if you have been practicing as a vocational evaluator, we need your contribution! 
 3. Notice for 2015 AGM -   2 December 2015 Noon EST
Please set aside 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time on December 2nd and keep 1.5 hours free.   As a Registrant of the College, you can exercise your rights and give appropriate guidance to the Board of Directors as to how you wish your profession to be regulated.  The AGM documents will be posted on the website and a notice sent out when ready. 

 4. Call for Nominations
Every year at the CVRP AGM, we are tasked to elect members to act as Directors of the Board.    We will be sending out the ‘Call for Nominations’ in the next 10 days.  Please consider giving of your time and expertise in the CVRP mandate to protect the Public.  Volunteers are always needed at the committee level if a Directorship is not appealing.  Contact the College for more information.

The Fall of 2015 is indeed a busy time, as a large proportion of annual registrants are scheduled for 2015 Fall CEU renewals.   The Staff of CVRP are working diligently to update CEU reports as documents are received.  We ask that you NOT wait until the last week to submit required documents.  Please remember that higher submission volume significantly increases daily work demand and we do not have access to increased manpower.  Your Administrators are diligent, patient and are here to assist as needed. I ask that we support their efforts to serve you, the Registrants.

A Call for Nominations to the Board will be sent out in the next few days.  Please watch for the announcement.
The CVRP Staff wish you all a Happy October and Thanksgiving Celebration with Family and friends.  

Any questions can be directed to jray@cvrp.caor by phone to (647) 962-7708.

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