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Attend a special seminar with her holiness, “Amma, the Hugging Saint” and Mother of Unconditional Love on June 16, 2018. Please email us for details.
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Father Roche welcomes Dr. Ruprecht to the oratory of St Philip Neri to discuss their expansion. This seminary is a vibrant community of priests and brothers dedicated to building up the Mystical Body of Christ. St Philip is the patron saint of joy and helps
people who have periods of feeling down. He is a powerful intercessor for young men – giving them spiritual direction.

Did You Know
Did you know that 77% of what you tell yourself maybe working against you?
I am here to help you discover and use a revolutionary technique of self-talk that can reverse years of negative programming and fill your life with new vital energy. But in order to loosen the grip of years of negative programming we must first determine HOW and IN WHAT WAY we talk to ourselves and what are the words and images we use.

All of us talk to ourselves all of the time. Our self-talk may be in spoken words or unspoken thoughts. It can take the form of feelings, impressions, images, or even gestures. From the time we are six months in our mother’s womb we have already been watching, listening to, sifting, sorting, analyzing, judging, cataloging, and storing everything that goes on about us.

Most of our self-talk is unconscious; we are not even aware of it. At times our self-talk comes in feelings that can’t quite be put into words. At other times it comes in little flashes, flickers of thoughts which never quite catch fire or glow bright enough or last long enough to become ideas, clearly thought out and understood.

A self-made prison of negative Self-Talk
Some of our self-talk is constructive and beneficial, but most self-talk we engage in is counter-productive and self-defeating. We are our biggest enemy. We created our prison brick by brick. But, the good news is we can escape it. Before I provide you with the key to unlock that door to freedom and renewal you should know that everything you tell yourself about yourself becomes a directive to your subconscious mind. Anytime you make a statement about yourself that is negative you are directing your subconscious mind to make you become the person you just described – negatively!

Here are just a few examples of frequently used negative self-talk.

I can’t remember names.
Nothing ever goes right for me.
That’s just my luck.
I’m so clumsy!
I don’t have the talent.
Everything I eat goes right to my waist.
I can’t seem to get organized.
Today just isn’t my day!
I can never afford the things I want.
No matter what I do I can’t seem to lose weight.
I never have enough time.
I just don’t have the patience for that.
That really makes me mad!
I get sick just thinking about it.
Sometimes I just hate myself.
I am too shy.
With my luck I don’t have a chance!
Things just aren’t working out right for me.
I don’t have the energy I used to.
I’m really out of shape.
My desk is always a mess!
The only kind of luck I have is bad luck!
I feel like I’m getting old.
I never get a break!
You can’t trust anyone anymore!
If only I were smarter.
If only I were taller or better looking.
If only I had more time.
If only I had more money.
---and on, and on, and on.
Remember, the thoughts you think are electrical impulses which direct the brain to turn important switches in your mental control center on or off. By replacing your earlier negative self-talk with new commands, you are activating healthy, productive chemical and electrical control centers in your brain which will automatically work for you.

I said earlier that we created our prison and are able to unlock the gate and escape it. The key is positive Self-Talk. Also known as autosuggestion – a positive suggestion to yourself by yourself.

Tips To Improve Positive Self Talk
Practice inspirational words, they will provide your brain with the seeds to create a new, phenomenal you.

Look for the next newsletter Issue 49 to continue this break-through discussion where I will provide you with more information and the most effective method to use positive Self-Talk.

In the meantime please read the section on “the subconscious mind” in my book “Radiant Health” for a deeper analysis of how the subconscious mind will accomplish its programmed task. You will also find great examples of positive self-talk in my book: The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health.

Positive Self-Talk for Children
What children think and feel about themselves will be the biggest predictor of their future success. What is their concept of self; their self-image, self-esteem, self-picture, self believe will determine their destiny. In the same vein, what you believe about yourself will determine your future.  

Dear friends,
We want you to enjoy a healthy quality of life and increase your lifespan. As we age our body accumulates damage that leads to a wide variety of age-related diseases. Our goal is to show you first, what causes that damage, then, how to repair it by rejuvenating the body’s tissues/cells and eliminating blockages in our energy field.

This program will offer a significant sense of empowerment which takes you to the next level of personal, spiritual growth.   

Dr. Tony Ruprecht
Director, Radiant Health Life Extention Center

We have gathered enough scientific evidence to conclude that our health is determined by about 30% DNA and 70% by what we do with our bodies. Such as: the foods we eat, the exercise and sleep patterns we develop, and the kinds of emotional thinking we allow our brains to process.
We will present you with scientific evidence of the mind - body connection, which shows that every thought we have leaves a trace in your body. For example, a deeply embarrassing thought will leave a different trace than an erotic thought, but a trace nevertheless.
I know you will enjoy our presentation which focuses on the three (3) distinct approaches to vigorous health. 
                Book I. Radiant Health and Longevity 
                Book II. Anti-Aging Emotions   
                Book III. The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health

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