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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 35
Tony is congratulating the front runners of the 2015 International "Miss Globe" pageant.

Presenting the R.H. Scholarship Awards to a number of students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement.

Why Did Tony Ruprecht Agree to Welcome International Beauty Queens and Participate in a Scholarship Awards Program to Young People?
Tony is participating in an experiment that is based on the following premise : seeing yourself as old or young – directly affects the speed of the aging process. In other words the mind-body interaction will even affect the most minute structures of DNA/RNA in each cell (epigenetics).

For four weeks Tony has been asked to surround himself with healthy and youthful images including: photos where he looked younger-in his prime, photos of former girlfriends, previous love letters, films which are youth oriented, and have a positive, hopeful message with lots of laughter. Receiving an ayurveda or reiki “life force energy” massage. Teaching a course to undergraduate students. Providing guidance to a Yoga class. Meditating on super healthy - youthful images. Visualizing his body as perfect and radiantly healthy. Praying and chanting to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. Beauty pageants and scholarship awards to young students, fit right into this context.

In November, Tony will go to Stanford University and be subjected to a number of tests/measurements: physical strength, posture, perception, cognition, short-term memory, manual dexterity and heart-rhythm screening. Will Tony’s body respond to these persistent, repetitive healthy and youthful images? Members will soon find out in what way these kinds of positive mental states will be expressed in Tony's body. If there is a strong mind-body relationship then let us consider the consequences of continuously keeping negative mental images in our mind?   

At the Lt. Governor’s residence, Nov.2, 2015. Congratulating Liisa Kurecht of the Finnish Newspaper “Kanadan Sanomat” for best editorial. To the left of Tony is Tom Saras, president of National Press Counsel. To his right is the former super-model Maria Saras-Voutsina. 

If a person asks you how old you are,  you can respond in various ways.

1) Chronological Age
(The date you were born)

2) Biological Age
(Compared to others what is the age of your body. Your doctor could say:"All vital signs indicate that you have a body of a 35 year old.")

3) Psychological Age
(How old do you feel)

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Thoughts, and Emotions Change the Chemistry of Every Cell
Our generation has witnessed a revolution in mind-body interaction based on a simple discovery: wherever thought goes a neuropeptide chemical messenger goes with it, instructing cells what specific chemicals to produce. Our strongest feelings are powerful triggers for physical changes. These feelings and subsequent triggers can slow down the aging process or even create stigmata in your body.
Here are some  interesting examples of mind-body interactions 
steeped in mystery.

This photo of Padre Pio's raised hands shows the stigmata 

Photo of the stigmata of Irving "Francis" Houle (1925-2009) 

Stigmata are body marks, sores, or sensations of pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ, such as the hands, wrists, and feet.

The deep feelings and strong identification with Jesus and his suffering can even cause stigmata to appear.  



Dr. Ruprecht is now in the process of writing book IV “The Spiritual Practice of Radiant Health”. Speaking engagements and public meetings are therefore kept to a minimum.

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