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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 14
 Vacation – Rejuvenation Program

(Start Now to Prolong Your
Physical and Mental Health

Our program was designed by Dr. Ruprecht to ensure that rejuvenation is achieved on both levels: body and mind. The program has proven its effectiveness if we follow four basic principles:
1.   Exercise                                                        
2.   Healthy Diet
3.   Meditation and Mastery of Thoughts
4.   Restful Sleep

You will return home healthier, energized and sense your well-being.


The Daily Schedule of
The Radiant Health Program

Arrival - Orientation session, program outline and a doctor’s Assessment which includes your family health history (your family tree). We try to determine what lifestyle changes you may need to adopt and what health screenings are prudent. Our physician may recommend an “Amino acid plasma profile” which tells us what kinds of vitamins and minerals you need to supplement for your optimal health.

Our Daily Schedule
Start the day at 7 AM with the serenity of early morning mindfulness-meditation and a guided visualization presentation. The meditative mood will be strengthened with a 8 AM Tai Chi class. A deliciously healthy power brunch will be ready for you at 10 AM.

Noon Time:
Create your own noon-time schedule and stop by the Juice-Fruit- Bar for a snack. You can enjoy an informative healing arts lecture; or a science based video on "How the latest enzyme discovery can prolong your life"; Relax or take a swim; exercise in the pool, or enjoy a snorkeling experience; Read a book in the garden or join an excursion; take a long walk along the shore or take lessons from our chief nutritionist on how to prepare super healthy meals.    

Start the third part of the day with a 4 PM Yoga class and feel your body’s aliveness. Observe as your breath gets calmer and your mind clearer in the serenity of your afternoon practice. A healthy dinner will await you after a relaxing therapeutic body massage (1)Later you may decide to view a short documentary on the very latest medical research of “How to slow-down the aging process” or “How to use food as a source of health and healing in your life”.

Join the evening activity at 8 PM and let the company of positive, like-minded persons uplift you. If you wish you can participate in a discussion after enjoying a science lecture of "How body and mind are intertwined." Some evenings will be filled with inspirational music. Go to sleep feeling serene and assured in the knowledge that every cell of your body will feel rejuvenated.

(1) We have various body treatments available: Warm Oil Body Massage, Ayurvedic Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki Healing.

Videos for Presentation at Workshops
•How to rejuvenate from the inside out 
•Why stress is the biggest ager – you can block it
•How the lie-detector proves that every cell  in your body listens-in on your thoughts and emotions
•How exercise increases your “lifespan” (the part of life you spend being vital and active)
•Examining the healing power of the mind:
1)How the placebo effect (an expectation of relief) produces neurochemical changes in the body
2)How you can send effective healing messages to the brain and reduce anxiety and stress
•How cutting calories up to 40% will lengthen your life
•Why modern medicine is embracing the ancient Indian discipline of Yoga
•What can you do to slow-down the aging process 
•How the healing energies of music reduce your stress response, relieve pain, anxiety and enhance immune functions
•Why a pet can provide remarkable effective therapy
•10 super foods that influence your health and heal
•What are the best nutritional supplements (vitamins and minerals) for your  personal needs
•How massage therapy increases the output of chemicals that act as natural pain killers and mood regulators (endorphins and serotonin)
You can join our one-week program. However, better results are obtained by attending two weeks.
The Dawn of a New Day Awaits You
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 Notice to
Our Members:

Dear friends,
Attached please see the only authentic  rejuvenation program which will be offered only to our members (at this time). You may choose either one of two locations: South of Miami, Florida (within steps of the Gulf of Mexico) or our Costa Rica Location (at Lake Arenal). The price for a one week stay will be less than $1000.00 This will include accommodation, nutritious meals, and our basic programs; Air fare is not included. Please contact me for your best time and location as soon as possible. Thank you. 

We are continually monitoring the latest scientific breakthroughs in anti-aging development!

Let us show you how you can affectively send healing messages to your brain, thereby reducing stress and boosting your immune system.


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