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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 32 Updated
This issue 32 was first sent to you in August, 2015. It is now updated and reissued.

Many of you wanted Dr. Ruprecht to provide more details of how the latest scientific discoveries will aid us in understanding the way mental entities (phantoms) are formed who can either hurt or help us. But remember, the best way to understand this subject is to gain personal experience in this field. Following the spiritual, mental meditation practices in Book III is a must.

Dear friends,
Please note. The following explanation, based on the latest scientific discoveries, provides the theoretical framework of how strong thoughts and feelings not only activate messenger molecules in the brain and directly affect the cells, but have the ability to cross the physical frontier, enter the mental realm (field) and influence us from there.

The best way to guard against the devastating effects of negative thoughts on our health is to follow the exercises in book III. These exercises will increase your discipline and open the path for you to experience “Radiant Health”.  



Did you know that Quantum Physics is the door to another world? The core of the atom the nucleus contains a slew of particles that are over a billion times smaller than the atom itself. These particles carry forces and can only be detected when smashed together. One such collider is located in Cern, Switzerland called the L.H.C. - a scientific instrument which runs in a circle, 17 miles underground, and has a diameter of over 10 meters. (after visiting this humongeous scientific structure I am convinced it is the pyramid of our time). 

Please note: Do you see Tony standing near the centre bottom of the LHC?

Bid by bit, all this activity has led to an interesting discovery by physicist Garrett Lisi called the E8 Lie group. This bewildering array of particles, all 248 of them, sometimes called “The Particle Zoo”, are circling with tremendous, speed in a very orderly pattern within the nucleus. 1

To watch the video, click here

Here we find, in microscopic form, all of the force-carrying particles that make up our physical energy system which we know as matter. The strong force (nuclear), the weak force (radiation leading to decomposition), the electromagnetic force (photons), and the gravitational force.

These forces are in precise balance, spread-out throughout our known universe, and make up what scientists call “The Higgs Field”3 – an infinite system of energy that lets all known elementary particles produce mass (including our physical body). This means – that from this force field appears matter as physical substance.  We are more than intimately connected to this field – we are of this field and live in this field. Our body takes from it all the energy it needs for its physical existence and growth.4  Our mental apparatus as well takes from it what it needs for its non-physical needs, in forms of thoughts, emotions, imagination – in short, the mental-spiritual aspect of our lives.

The Higgs Field divides into two energy forms – two worlds; one – the physical and two – the mental (nonphysical). The first contains physical energy forces which can be experienced by our senses 5 and the second are the mental energy forces which can be experienced and used by our mind. It is this door to the mental energy forces we want to open and explore.

Let’s look at this from another perspective. Energy pervades everything. The whole universe is made up of energy. Energy comes in various forms. According to major scientists; matter makes up 4.7% of the universe;  dark matter makes up 27.3% (dark matter apparently provides the scaffolding for galaxies to form) and dark energy 68% (dark energy emanates from and is pervasive throughout all space). We might think space is empty – the fact is, there is no empty space. Space is filled with unseen, powerful forces. These forces are accessible to us and can be easily used by a disciplined mind which focuses them through the use of meditation, visualization, and prayer. Unfortunately, we are using these forces on a daily basis for small,  insignificant actions. Sometimes, however, we use them inadvertently in a  negative manner especially when we are intensely upset, not knowing their inherent power. For example: if we continuously feel a psychic anguish (dread) and repeat this intense feeling over time, we will cross-over the boundary that divides the physical from the non-physical (spiritual – astral) dimension. At that level of reality, a deeply held intense psychic feeling in your gut, will eventually create a living, intelligent entity “a phantom” that needs our "mental stuff " for its existence6 . This entity develops and then appears mostly in the mental dimension, but sometimes, when becoming extremely dense, an entity can appear in the physical dimension7. (For more details see newsletter issue 29 and issue 30.

Thus, by applying the “Scientific method” we were able to reach the end of the physical spectrum of vibration. In other words, science has led us to the bridge that we need to cross to reach the next vibration level – the next level of reality - the astral level. But here, we need another guide (method) which will help us to get oriented. That guide is connected to and depends on your personal level of spiritual maturity. (Find out more details in Book III where I invite you to join me in this journey of personal discovery. )

Please see all footnotes on the right side. 


Activities of Interest to Members
On May 31, 2015 Dr. Ruprecht was invited to be the Master of Ceremonies of the Jordanian National Day Celebrations at the Ontario Parliament. Among the dignitaries were King Abdullah's nephew, H. Malawi, Ministers of Government, Member of Parliament, community leaders and a renowned scientist Prof. Mark Jagg. 

May 14, 2015
Luncheon meeting with the President of the Legislative Assembly, speaker David Levac and Cubas  Ambassador Javier Ruiz. Discussion topic: " How will Cubas rapprochement with the U.S. affect its politics, economy and relationship with Canada. 
May 4, 2015 World Press Freedom Day
Dr. Ruprecht makes his remarks to the assembly of distinguished media personalities at the Toronto City Hall Rotunda. He was introduced by Thomas Saras, President of the National Press and Media Council of Canada. 
June 16, 2015
After Dr. Ruprecht's presentation at the University of Costa Rica in San Jose. President Ramon Madrigal provides a Costa Rica Flag to William Diaz representing Anderson College. 
You are Invited 
If you are interested, please email us.

One of our members is inviting us to his country estate near Newmarket to hear Dr. Ruprecht's lecture on "Anti-aging Emotions" between 3-5 PM on Sunday, June 28, 2015. If you are interested, please contact us for directions.

July 3, 2015 at 12:00 Noon
The Law Society of Upper Canada invited Dr. Ruprecht to speak on " Mind-Body Interactions."

July 5, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Dr. Ruprecht will speak on the subject of "The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health" at Jai Durga Temple in Markham.

June 26, 2015 at 11:00AM
Her holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi invited Dr. Ruprecht to speak on the unifying aspects of meditation, prayer and chants. at Sri Nagapooshni Temple, Scarborough.

Some of our senior members attended the Bharat Sevashram Sangha. Dr. Ruprecht was invited to discuss the hierarchy of spiritual beings from low, one-elemental beings such as gnomes, to high potentates such as positive archangels and negative demons.

1) Garrett Lisi makes an interesting point. Out of 248 particles only 98 are identified by “the standard model” as elementary particles. Then, what are the other 150 particles ? (many of these leave only a tiny energy trace while some others, phantom-like, pop into existence for a split second and disappear without a trace) . They are ephemeral sub-atomic particles that belong to a force that science is still unable to identify. For the last 50 years science is stuck. Our scientific instruments are simply failing us. Why ? because here, at this juncture, we are crossing over the boundary to non-physical existence; another words, to a different vibratory dimension, subject to different laws of time and space which is inhabited by non- physical life forms. For a short introduction to the hierarchy of these entities please see newsletter issue 30.

2) It is interesting to note how similar the characteristics of these forces are before science modernized them, namely - Fire, Water, Earth, Air. For a detailed comparison see book III.

3) This Higgs Field was previously known  as “The Ether”. It too stretches to infinity and includes the finest vibrations.

4) See newsletter 28 explaining chakra and meridian energy flows.

5) Matter is energy which is slowed-down vibrations, to a level where the senses can pick it up and interpret it as reality.

6) This kind of entity (phantom) can be created when worshipping ancestors with intensity and frequency. The ancestor(s) first appears in ones dreams and later, when the worship intensifies, takes on a denser form of existence. In order to maintain themselves phantoms insist on ever more attention. Thus, using more and more (mental stuff) of the worshipper.  

7)To understand this phenomenon in its historic setting view “Golem”.

8) It may seem that there is a border separating physical reality from the next level of non-physical reality. The spiritual - astral dimension. This, however, is not the case -  the border is seamless as Lisi's discovery indicates. Ninety eight particles are proven force – carrying particles but the rest (some flash into existence within a billionth of a second and disappear) have not been identified by applying the scientific method. Why? Because many of them are part of this “ Quantum Soup” of pure potential and therefore have the ability to appear (becoming dense) either in the physical or astral dimension. Please see Book III for an explanation of how human beings exist in three dimensions – Body, Mind (Soul), Spirit and how we are able to access all three dimensions.


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