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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 30
These young, English-speaking monks, in front of Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet, were sent to take Tony to a remote monastery.

Meeting with his Divine Grace - Guru Swamiji Hari Persaud.

After discussing Tony’s books, his holiness Swamiji Hary Persaud invited Tony to India (Vadodra) to speak to 20,000 Hindu Devotees about “The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health”. Temple Priests (Sadhus), clad in red robes, are seated in front.

Tony is discussing his second book with His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Movement - a branch of Islam.

Tony was met by two Rabbis in Jerusalem, near the Western Wall. One of them pictured here with a Bible over Tony's head, openly calls on the Old Testament prophets for a blessing.


 Did You Know ---

A number of members wanted Dr. Ruprecht to elaborate on how positive and negative forces operate within our body; how they affect our environment and how they impact the non-physical world.
A simple thought (emotion) has the potential to grow and develop into an intense force-field and eventually into an over-powering, intelligent spiritual entity. First let’s follow a greedy thought and then it’s opposite - a generous thought.
1) A greedy thought turn into
2) Greedy actions, which turn into
3) Strong greedy habits, (stealing when no-one is looking), which turn into an
4) Obsessive, compulsive force-field.
5) This force-field starts acting like a magnet, attracting more density and becoming slowly aware of itself. It develops intelligence and turns into a negative energy-form which wants to grow stronger and maintain itself as a low level spiritual entity (Schemas, Larvae, Phantoms)1
Up to this point, thoughts and emotions were necessary to develop these non-physical entities. But at the next level of density the entities existing there do not depend on human emotions for survival. They inhabit this realm as independent beings. They are  
6) Distinct spiritual entities possessing strong, active, negative powers with their own names and seals. (Dangerous when contacted). 
7) Demons, with hordes of sub-servants
8) Lucifer, the satanic, destructive super- force with its extreme, negative consciousness
1) Generous thoughts turn into
2) Generous actions; which turn into
3) Generous habits - (habits of charity), which turn into thoughts of
4) Supportive, communal or mutual well-being, which turn into a
5) Positive energy-form which becomes intelligent and aware of itself. It wants to grow and maintain itself as a low-level spiritual entity (Schemas, Larvae, Phantoms)1.    
Up to this point thoughts and emotions were necessary to develop these spiritual entities. But at the next level the entities existing there do not depend on human emotions for survival. They inhabit this realm as independent beings, such as
6) Distinct, divine, intelligent spiritual entities possessing strong positive powers with their own names and seals. ( Friendly when contacted).  
7) Angelic beings with their multitude of helpers
8) Archangel, as a beneficial, divine super-force with its deeply positive consciousness

1 For details of how Schemas, Larvae, and Phantoms are created, see newsletter- Issue 31 (to our members only)

Watch your thoughts – they become words. Watch your words - they become actions. Watch your actions - they become habits. Watch your habits - they become character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

Please watch our next newsletter. Dr. Ruprecht will make public how to create an intelligent energy form; prepare for passive automatic handwriting and how Schemas, Larvae, Phantoms grow and develop into strong, overpowering, intelligent spiritual entities. 

Are you making progress in your “Spiritual Evolution?” Do you follow a spiritual practice like meditation or prayer?

We are pleased to welcome you as our prospective member of our Anti-Aging Healing Arts Center.  As a member, you will be invited to special meetings and receive newsletters regularly.  You will stay up-to-date with the latest discoveries on how to stop premature aging and live longer in good health;  how to regain energy and "eye-opening" recommendations  on super foods and which vitamins  and  minerals  to take.  And as a bonus, you can download our first two books. 

Book I -  The Ultimate Anti-Aging Formula:
              Radiant Health & Longevity

Book II - Anti-Aging Emotions:
              Healing the Body by Healing the Mind

Tony is receiving a warm embrace from Pope John Paul II. The Holy Father has invited Tony to the Vatican after reading the first draft of “The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health”.
You are Invited

Dr. Ruprecht’s next presentation will take place on:

March 29, 2015
2PM Sharp
at the Japanese
Buddhist Temple
(near Spadina Ave.
and College St. 

Please email us to reserve your seat. 
Thank you.

Tony stayed eight weeks at this remote Tibetan Monastery 
where he observed many interesting spiritual rituals and anti-aging practices of senior monks.

  What People Say About Tony's Presentation
Life threw me a curve - I was in an emotional turmoil. By sheer luck I was invited to hear Tony Ruprecht speak on “The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health". I admit it was a life saver for me. For the first time in my life I came face to face with the positive and negative “me”. It was clearly portrait in Tony’s handouts. I then understood what it was that blocked my way to happiness and health.  I truly recommend Book II to everyone who wants more joy and purpose in their life. 
                                                                                       Raymond S., Thornhill Ont.                       
Dr. Ruprecht challenges you to put your life, the whole of your life, in perspective - that part which works to your satisfaction and that part which needs change. Without that part of your life flourishing you cannot experience happiness nor radiant health. He is also clear on one issue -  your life here has a much greater purpose. It prepares you for the next life. For now at least, Book III  has become my bible.  
Jay P.


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