Radiant Health Newsletter by Tony Ruprecht
Radiant Health Newsletters  -   Issue 56

You Are Invited
By popular demand, we are returning to the beautiful MSC ARMONIA on January 20, 2020 for a seven day cruise. We have room for one more person. Contact us a.s.a.p.

After a delicious dinner with Captain Hanson and Hotel Director Robert Moik, Dr. Ruprecht is asked to elucidate on one of the main points of his best-selling book Radiant Health: namely, that every sickness is an emotional stress response beginning in the psyche and going from there to specific organs via the nervous system.

Are You Feeling Stressed?
Research shows that between 80-90% of all illnesses can be linked to stress and that 80 - 90% of all visits to the doctor are for stress and anxiety-related concerns. Your body instantly responds when it perceives fear or stress. Your adrenal glands release various stress hormones to deal with the stress. These hormones – primarily adrenaline and cortisol – are responsible for meeting the energy needs of the body in stressful times.

Problems start when cortisol levels stay elevated over a long period of time, creating adrenal fatigue. Research supports the fact that adrenal fatigue, resulting from chronic stress, can lead to multiple symptoms including: overeating, weight gain, fatigue, irritability, chronic tiredness and nervousness. Even more important, it cuts off your immune response and leaves your body unprotected - open to disease. Adrenal fatigue is also associated with lower serotonin levels, leading to low moods and trouble sleeping.

Let Dr. Ruprecht show you how you can reduce your stress level the natural way. He will teach you certain meditation practices to enliven physical, mental, spiritual health and introduce you to the principles of Theta Healing. Come and attend this truly transformational learning experience on the high seas for seven days. (For members only).

Dear friends,
We want you to enjoy a healthy quality of life and increase your lifespan. As we age our body accumulates damage that leads to a wide variety of age-related diseases. Our goal is to show you first, what causes that damage, then, how to repair it by rejuvenating the body’s tissues and cells and eliminating blockages in our energy field.

This program will offer a significant sense of empowerment which takes you to the next level of personal spiritual growth.   

Dr. Tony Ruprecht
Director, Radiant Health Life Extention Center

We have gathered enough scientific evidence to conclude that our health is determined by about 30% DNA and 70% by what we do with our bodies. Such as: the foods we eat, the exercise and sleep patterns we develop, and the kinds of emotional thinking we allow our brains to process.
We will present you with scientific evidence of the mind - body connection, which shows that every thought we have leaves a trace in your body. For example, a deeply embarrassing thought will leave a different trace than an erotic thought, but a trace nevertheless.
I know you will enjoy our presentation which focuses on the three (3) distinct approaches to vigorous health. 
                 Book I. Radiant Health and Longevity 
                Book II. Anti-Aging Emotions   
                Book III. The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health


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