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Radiant Health Newsletters  -   Issue 64 
Did You Know 

Dear friendsdid you know that Medical Science has rediscovered the remarkable healing power of fasting?

I was recently asked by our friend, Chris Sante, why I had not forcefully declared the benefits of fasting when scientific evidence clearly proves that its healing abilities affects every part of our body.

My answer was simple: my lectures on fasting where never that popular (especially on cruise-ships). The complaints ranged from “I feel miserable” to “I get real hunger pains.” I found that most people who use these arguments, use food as comfort food, or use food in order to fight the desperate moods of melancholy, frustration and depression. Their lack of discipline to do what’s really healthy and good for them inevitably leads to overeating. It is popular to think that fasting is only for those who overeat, but that is certainly not the case. If you overeat, then fasting is even more important for you. Remember overeating will kill you long before your time.

           Many of us do this           Some of us gorge to extremes

Before I provide you with the many significant health and anti-aging benefits of fasting I would like you to go to your mirror now and take a good look at yourself. Are you happy with what you see? Do you look old and haggard? Does your face sag? Do you have poor skin tone? Do you have poor muscle tone? Is your face lined and wrinkled? Is your neck creepy? Are your eyes dull? Do you have a pale and sallow complexion? Fasting is guaranteed to make you look and feel better and gives you a chance to outwit premature aging.

Let me tell you clearly what fasting can do for you. Even in a 24 hour - 36 hour fast --- a wonderful transformation is taking place. The powerful “Vital Life Force” that would be otherwise used to handle your food is now used exclusively to clean out the debris, the waste, the poisons that have been locked in the body cells and vital organs --- the rejuvenation is taking place in every one of the billions of cells of the body. Fasting is the best method known for purifying the body. It is a prodigious cleanser of internal impurities.

This Nature miracle of fasting also has the potential to reverse aging. From this minute on, you could have a new lease on life. It has been proven by pre-eminent gerontologists that fasting is the magic key that opens the doors to agelessness.  I propose you start with a one-day 24 hour fast, drink water ( stay well hydrated ) and experience the wonderful results yourself.


Not eating for a day can have many benefits. Here are some of the benefits backed by science,

1.Promotes better health by fighting inflammation
2.Enhances heart health by improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels
3.Boosts brain function and preserves memory
4.Aids weight loss
5.Increases growth hormone secretion, vital for muscle strength
6.Delays aging and extends longevity
7.Can be effective in cancer prevention and delay of tumor growth

There are different types and length of fasts, from a 24 hour fast - to a 40 day --- “hunger cure.” There are also distilled water fasts, up to 40 days, that have been reported by German doctors as successful treatment for a wide variety of disorders – including those of the skin and metabolism, bronchial asthma, hypertension, gallstones, tumors, pancreatitis, early forms of artery hardening, and arthritis.

Of course a 40 day water fast is not for the novice and should be undertaken under controlled conditions, but we should note that a longer term fast gives the entire nervous system and the brain a rest. The body is cleaned of poisons and the tissues and glands are renovated.

Caution: If you suffer from diabetes, fasting can lead to spikes and crashes in your blood sugar levels. If you decide to try fasting, be sure to stay well-hydrated and fill your diet with nutrient-dense foods during your eating periods to maximize the potential health benefits.

Dear friends,
We want you to enjoy a healthy quality of life and increase your lifespan. As we age our body accumulates damage that leads to a wide variety of age-related diseases. Our goal is to show you first, what causes that damage, then, how to repair it by rejuvenating the body’s tissues and cells and eliminating blockages in our energy field.

This program will offer a significant sense of empowerment which takes you to the next level of personal spiritual growth.   

Dr. Tony Ruprecht
Director, Radiant Health Life Extention Center

We have gathered enough scientific evidence to conclude that our health is determined by about 30% DNA and 70% by what we do with our bodies. Such as: the foods we eat, the exercise and sleep patterns we develop, and the kinds of emotional thinking we allow our brains to process.
We will present you with scientific evidence of the mind - body connection, which shows that every thought we have leaves a trace in your body. For example, a deeply embarrassing thought will leave a different trace than an erotic thought, but a trace nevertheless.
I know you will enjoy our presentation which focuses on the three (3) distinct approaches to vigorous health. 
                 Book I. Radiant Health and Longevity 
                Book II. Anti-Aging Emotions   
                Book III. The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health

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