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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 34

Did you know that every cell of your body on the deepest level is instinctively aware of how you truly feel about yourself. Science backs up this claim. We can say with authority that every cell of your body spies on your thinking and as a consequence immediately begins to manufacture corresponding chemicals in order to bring it (the cells of your body) into harmony with your mind.

Since you have the power to change how you feel about yourself you have the power to transform your body.

Please view the video - "Voyage Inside the Cell", on the right side of the newsletter.

Dr. Harold Burr of Yale University provides a good example. Imagine someone who has lost his job. He projects sadness everywhere in his body – the brain output of neurotransmitters becomes depleted, hormone levels drop, the sleep cycle is interrupted, neuropeptide receptors on the outer surface of skin cells become distorted, platelet cells in the blood become stickier and prone to clump etc.

However, this whole biochemical profile will change dramatically when that person finds a new job = a more satisfying job. His body’s output of neurotransmitters, hormones, receptors, and all other vital biochemicals, down to DNA itself, will start to reflect this sudden turn for the better.

We assume that DNA (the genetic material found in the chromosomes of each cell) is fundamentally set, and unchangeable. That is not the case, the RNA part of the DNA chain responds to day to day existence.

Please remember – we encounter negative aging signals everywhere we go and the onslaught is constant. All of society, media, family, and even friends are out to convince you that aging is unstoppable and that the rapid decline of health is an uncontrollable consequence. Most of us bought into this consistent barrage, we believe it now as fact, and therefore pay a terrible price. The words “I am getting old” are the most devastating and crippling in the English language and lead inevitably to cell mutation, depression and slow death.

Don’t be mesmerized by the daily news that sickness in old age is inevitable. Fight it, because we know that “radiant health”, even in advanced chronological age, is possible, especially if you are equipped with and use our research tools.

Please look at our books, they are easily available to you and convincingly science based. 

August 27, 2015
Tony was invited to release these “Doves of Peace” by Ambassador Beleavschi and Consul General Oprea of the Republic of Moldova. As Master of Ceremonies Tony said: “Let these blessed doves show us once more our connectedness to nature and unity of all beings.” 

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Book I -  The Ultimate Anti-Aging Formula:
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Book II - Anti-Aging Emotions:
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The Video  “Voyage Inside the Cell”

Please notice the outside layer of this cell, the cell membrane. It is the brain of the cell. It is incredible how it senses events outside and inside the cell simultaneously.



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  What People Say About Tony's Presentation
Dr. Ruprecht challenges you to put your life, the whole of your life, in perspective - that part which works to your satisfaction and that part which needs change. Without that part of your life flourishing you cannot experience happiness nor radiant health. He is also clear on one issue -  your life here has a much greater purpose. It prepares you for the next life. For now at least, Book III  has become my bible.  
Jay P.

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Book I

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide: Radiant Health & Longevity


Book II

Anti-Aging Emotions: Healing the Body by Healing the Mind

Book III

The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health: Linking Medicine to Spirituality and Healing


If a person asks you how old you are,  you can respond in various ways.

1) Chronological Age
(The date you were born)

2) Biological Age
(Compared to others what is the age of your body. Your doctor could say:"All vital signs indicate that you have a body of a 35 year old.")

3) Psychological Age
(How old do you feel)
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