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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 38
International Invitations
The recent distribution of our updated Newsletter Issue 32 triggered a number of international invitations. They are mainly from health, medical and union organizations approved by various governments: the United Arab Emirates, Cuba , Croatia, Jordan and Nigeria.

We are asking our members if they would like to accompany Dr. Ruprecht to these countries and participate in his presentation. Travel dates will be decided soon. Members would pay for air-fare and receive discounted hotel accommodations. Please indicate your interest. Email

Dr. Ruprecht and Dr. Licie receiving an invitation from Sultan Al Harbi, representing the Government of the United Arab Emirates.
Meeting with Cuba’s Ambassador Julio Garmendia, Latiq Qureshi, CEO- Logitek Technology, Consul General Javier Ruiz and Al Pace, President of Pace Law Firm and International Investment Law.

Dr. Augustine Lage, Director of Cuba's "Cetro De Inmunologia Molecular" is especially interested in Dr. Ruprecht's second book: Antiaging Emotions. Here we find details of how emotions trigger neuropeptide messenger molecules in the brain which then communicate to cells what type of chemicals they should produce.
Dr. Ruprecht is graciously accepting an invitation from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce to visit Croatia in order to produce an anti-aging video.
Receiving the invitation to visit Jordan from the Minister of Industry and Trade Hon. Maha Ali and the Chairman of the Jordanian Investment Board Montister Oglah. This dinner event organized by Mr. H. Ziad Malawi special representative of King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein.
At this meeting Feb. 27, 2016 Barrister Clara Ndive insists that Dr. Ruprecht visits Nigeria as soon as possible. Clara is presently organizing the Nigerian delegation for the 2016 International mining convention, in partnership with the Ministry of Solid Minerals and Mines.
You are Invited 
March 2, 2016

at 3:30PM
Address: 10201 Yonge St.
Richmond Hill United Church

I have attended many of Dr. Ruprecht’s lectures. They are truly eye-opening and a must attend for anyone interested in slowing down the aging process. Our invitation is written in Russian for Russian speakers simply because we believe that Dr. Ruprecht’s anti-aging discoveries should not be confined to the English speaking world alone. Dr. Ruprecht will speak in English accompanied by a Russian translator.

Inga Cernei
Program Coordinator, 
Anderson College


Even former Miss Russia, presently on modeling assignment in the U.S., wants to attend our meeting. She met Dr. Ruprecht previously and wants to know more about staying younger longer.


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