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Radiant Health Newsletters  -   Issue 69
Temple Visit
Do you believe in miraculous healings?

Receiving a blessing and a gift from Guruji Maharaj Rangar for visiting the Sidh Shakti Temple

All of us heard about the miraculous healings that take place at various holy sites. Such as Lourdes, France; Varanasi, India; Camino de Santiago, Spain; Mayan Gardens, Belize; Augustinian Monastery, Quebec City; etc. etc. But, only a few of us believe that miraculous healings take place, practically under our noses, in some of our places of worship. Here is one such occasion that merits our attention.

I was invited to visit the Sidh Shakti Temple and have lunch with Guruji Maharaj Rangar. He is well known as a spiritual healer who has helped hundreds of people, many of whom were in severe distress, suffering chronic physical ailments, but could not find relief from conventional medical treatment. I was curious to know the source of his healing power.

Many times, when in his prayers, or deep meditative state,  he loses consciousness and his physical body becomes almost totally limp. His tongue hangs out and his limbs are rubber-like, seemingly disconnected from his body. He is no longer in control of his senses. In this unconscious state he receives messages from the spirit world predominantly from his deceased mother, Bibi Satya Devi, but also from various spiritual entities as well. I remember similar occurrences with a Filipino and two Brazilian psychic healers who lost their consciousness, yet spoke clearly when asked questions. However, they did not respond with their own voice. Apparently, this is also what happens to Guruji Rangar. Sometimes, when in trance, a female voice uses his vocal cords to make herself known to the audience.

All these experiences lead me to believe that when a human being is in such a state of trance it becomes possible for elementals, departed human beings and other lower, spiritual entities to prevail upon the astral as well as the physical body and make proclamations, even influence it to various actions. From an hermetic point of view this kind of experimentation can be considered “a state of possession” even if good beings or entities are acting out their influences. Some healers prefer to establish this contact by conscious means, and not by this kind of displacement of consciousness. In any case, this kind of contact Guruji Rangar has established permits him to heal groups of people and Edgar Casey–like pronounce what kind of medicine a suffering person should take. Sometimes he even heals people on the spot. He asked them, however, just like Jesus did: “Do you believe you can be healed?”

Present day psychics would classify him as a “Trance Medium” who quite willingly gives up his body to be occupied by entities in, spirit form, in order to receive guidance. I asked Guruji Ranger what was the most recent message he received from his latest experience in this trance state. He said that his spirit mother told him that none of his parishioners will get sick from COVID – 19.

On my last visit I waited for him to finish his personal worship in front of two beautiful, enshrined statues of Divinities (Lord Baba Balak Nath and Mata Durga) and a portrait of his mother (see photo above). I then brought up the subject of his parishioners affected by COVID. He calmly responded that even in the middle of a second wave, no one was affected by COVID-19. 


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