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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 20

 Did You Know ---

Dear friends, Did you know that thoughts are active spiritual forces?  
We are living in an energy loaded (filled) universe, and are constantly immersed and always surrounded by energy flows with their inherent healing power. This flow can be influenced to a considerable extent by the thoughts we choose to think.
Negative thoughts, such as anger, personal worries or preoccupation with an illness, prevent the inflow of this healing power. If pernicious thoughts are absorbed by the emotions of the sick person it will suppress and certainly disturb the movement of the healing energy flow , which is constantly at work around us. Many relapses can be traced back to the destructive influence of negative thoughts. Thoughts are energies which have their own specific oscillations and vibrations.
An essential element of our teaching is knowledge of the power of thought since we believe thoughts to be “active working energies”. Negative thoughts weaken us and over a longer period of time can cause disturbances to both body and soul. Sooner or later they will manifest as visible illnesses because negative thoughts cause a disturbance in the energy field. On the other hand, positive thoughts build us up, give us strength and promote our health.
Most people habitually have negative thoughts without realizing the damage these thoughts cause them. In this category we not only include fear, hate, jealousy, envy or violent anger, amongst others, but also every thought that takes away, negates human happiness, peace or kindness. The creeping poison of worry, mourning, self-doubt and discontent has a debilitating and disturbing effect, but also notions of vanity, self-importance and every preoccupation with something unpleasant.
Our first duty, if we wish to combat sickness and problems at root level, is to reject all these types of thoughts and understand their dangerous consequences. For example, if we continually impress a picture of illness and deterioration on our subconscious mind, the creative energies of the body, working towards healing, are constantly impeded. Unknowingly, people who do this continually ensure that what they fear becomes reality. And often, despite every treatment, their condition worsens. But only very few realize that they themselves are the main cause.
I am delighted to tell you that our observations are backed up by scientific research. A few years ago, psychosomatic medicine developed a new field of specialization, psycho-neuro-immunology. This investigates the influence of our thoughts and feelings on our immune system. It has been confirmed that negative thoughts and feelings have a damaging effect on the immune system. (See more about that in Book II - Anti-Aging Emotions: Healing the Body by Healing the Mind.)

This assembly of devout Hindus is quite eager to listen to Dr. Ruprecht as he outlines the principle points of Book III - RADIANT HEALTH: Linking Medicine to Spirituality and Healing.

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Book II - Anti-Aging Emotions:
              Healing the Body by Healing the Mind

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Dr. Ruprecht’s next presentation will take place in Hamilton at the Sheraton Hotel on August 28th  at 12 Noon
Please call to reserve your seat. 416-588-0009. A nutritious lunch will be served for $20.
Sheraton Hamilton Hotel
116 King St. W.  

Read Our Books

Book I

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide: Radiant Health & Longevity

Book II

Anti-Aging Emotions: Healing the Body by Healing the Mind

Book III

The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health: Linking Medicine to Spirituality and Healing

His Divine Eminence Guru Hari Persaud, who has over 12 million devotees, invited Dr. Ruprecht to India, (Vadodra, Gujarat) in order to discuss Book III - 
THE SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION RADIANT HEALTH Linking Medicine to Spirituality and Healing.
100 Copies of Book III have been sent to his Sadhus (temple priests) for further study.
Access to " Radiant Health" is available to members of all religious denominations. The signposts and route of how to get there are clearly marked in Book III.
"I am here to remind you who you really are!
You are a 'spirit-being' with the sacred
responsibility to guard your mind 
- your soul – your every thought."
  Tony Ruprecht Ph.D.

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