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Radiant Health Newsletters  -   Issue 44 
 The 2017 Transformation Awards
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Did you know that you, as a fetus, ( in your mother's womb ) were already strongly influenced by various types of feelings your mother had about your very existence.

The mother is more than just an incubator.

As the mother’s blood crosses the placenta it carries with it information molecules with its bio-chemical signals such as adrenal stress hormones. In short, the developing fetus begins to feel as the mother feels and starts to download these feelings as programs. If the baby is not wanted, or if it will be loved, the baby will feel both emotions of the mother.

The perception a five-month old fetus receives from the environment controls its behaviour and genetic activity. Fetus development is directly affected by the environmental perception it has in utero.

Studies by Dr. David Chamberlain demonstrate that midway through pregnancy the fetus downloads into its subconscious mind
repeated experiences from the environment. Dr. Chamberlain shows in his publication: “Windows to the womb - revealing the whole baby from conception to birth” that memories were reliable memories and operate like a program for the rest of that babies life.

As we grow older and reach the conscious state, we continue to pick up important clues (information) from our environments that we then internalise. For example: we internalise clues from our civic-cultural environment, our family environment, our church environment etc. Especially strong are the clues from our peer group. Some of these clues are empowering clues and some are starkly negative. Again, repeated clues will operate like a program for the rest of our lives. (Witness the tears people shed when they hear their national anthem or see their nation’s flag go up).

When we study these important stages in the development of a human being one thing becomes increasingly clear - the environment 
makes a strong impact on us - it tries to keep us in its grip. Conclusion:  if you wish to soar like an eagle, do not hang around your chicken friends for long - you will pick up bad habits (clues).

For more information of how to change these programs - mitigate the enviromental impact and install new programs that help you thrive, please read Dr. Ruprecht’s book, “Anti Aging Emotions”. You may also email us with your comments.

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