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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 17

Dear friends,
Dr. Ruprecht will be the Key Note Speaker of the following 50+ Lifestyle event. He will be making his presentation on the subject of How your body 's cells react to emotional signals from your mind (psyche), and how your spiritual life directly impacts your body's chemistry.

We hope to see you on:
Friday, May 3 at 11:30 AM at:

Ajax Convention Centre
550 Beck Cres., Ajax
(located just off Salem Rd and Hwy #401)
In Book III, The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health, We Find Dr. Ruprecht's Integrated Approach Explained.
Our research has led us to a most amazing conclusion which should be repeated a thousand times.  Most of our illness is caused by the way we feel, think, and visualize.  In short, our hospital beds are filled with people whose illness is psychosomatic or spiritual in nature. This is backed up by more than 20 years of research at Harvard Medical School and George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health. 
Can we reach this apparent illness of the body which has its origin in our thoughts and emotions, with our mind? Yes, we can begin to heal this body by reaching for a deep energy source which in turn triggers each cell to regenerate. But we should know that:
1)    If an illness is of the physical body, such as a vitamin deficiency, the treatment is to the material body.
2)    If the real cause of an illness is psychological, then the treatment must be of a psychological nature. All other attempts cannot get to the root cause and therefore will end in failure.
3)    If the cause of an illness is of a spiritual nature, consequently only the treatment to the spirit can be of use.
We are a three dimensional being and our development must take this into account. Our solemn duty is to maintain balance especially within these types of dimensions. 1)  The spiritual or mental dimension; 2) the soul or astral dimension and 3) the body or the material dimension.  The first is to control ones thoughts. The second to purify (edify) the soul by exercising control over our desires and temperaments and the third by harmonizing the body through a common-sense life style.
Without developing these three dimensions evenly in a parallel manner, we will only meet with partial success of realizing our goal of “radiant health”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania has presented the "Honoris Causa" to Dr. Tony Ruprecht 
• • • in recognition of his dedicated service to the Romanian community, especially in health education." 

Presenting this award is Consul General of Romania Antonia Marinescu (at left), and Dr. Roman Lichu Vice Consul. 

Tony Meets Dr. Aslam in Bucharest, Romania
My mother and I had the pleasure of meeting one of the great pioneers in anti-aging research ─ Dr. Ana Aslan at her Bucharest clinic in 1987. At that time she was director of the National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics of Romania. Dr. Aslan told us that she was on the brink of discovering a powerful anti-aging agent which would prolong people’s lives in good health.

While she is no longer with us her Gerovital-H3 discovery is still popular today.


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