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Radiant Health Newsletters  -   Issue 39
You are Invited 

     There are a number of new stepping stones that are now recognized as leading directly to the entrance of the afterlife. Dr. Ruprecht is not the only one who has discovered them, but he is willing to share this esoteric knowledge, that there is life after physical death, by helping us open the entrance door and catching a few glimpses of this dimension.
     Dr. Ruprecht says that the fourth dimension can be experienced even from our limiting three dimensional world. He will discuss three of these stepping stones.

1. The latest discoveries in particle physics (subatomic particles) from the Bevatron Accelerator at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to Fermilab near Chicago to the Large Hadron Collider in Cern.
2. The reality of elementals, larvae, schemata and phantoms.
3. Communications with your guardian spirit.  

I have attended many of Tony Ruprecht’s presentations. I have found every one of them exceptionally empowering, uplifting and entertaining.  
                                                                                   Prof.  William Diaz


Since Dr. Ruprecht is the Master of Ceremony of Europe Day, 2016, he is extending an invitation to those members who have an interest in the European Union.

We Are Delighted to Invite You to Celebrate
Europe Day 2016
European Union Flag Raising Ceremony
Organised by the EUROPEAN Club of Canada
Marek Jozef D. Goldyn, CEO
Remarks by Distinguished Guests:
Yvan Baker, M.P.P.          Todd Smith, M.P.P.            Paul Miller, M.P.P.

 Etobicoke Centre               Prince Edward – Hastings         Hamilton East-Stoney 
Master of Ceremony: Dr. Tony Ruprecht  - former M.P.P. and Minister
Commemorating the 519th Anniversary of the Very First Historic
Voyage to Canada by Italian Explorer Giovanni Caboto on May 2, 1497
Queen’s Park - Parliament Building in Toronto
Monday - May 2nd 2016
12:00  European Union Flag Raising Ceremony in front of Queen’s Park
13:00  Proclamation of Europe Day by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario
13:10  Reception -  Room 228
Traditional homemade old style European cuisine and beverages generously provided by the Canadian-European producers of Fine Food operating in Province of Ontario

For speaking opportunities please call Dr.Tony Ruprecht 647-762-3876


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