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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 26
 Did You Know ---

Dear friends, 

Did you know that it is absolutely dangerous to permit a negative thought to enter your mind?

Two things happen when we experience even the slightest emotion:
  1. Cell receptors are receiving electro-chemical signals by messenger molecules which tells our cells what kind of chemicals to produce. Blushing offers us a good example. An embarrassing thought causes cells to produce a chemical shower in your face. Or, examine sexual arousal. An erotic thought causes cells to frantically direct hormones into many parts of your body.
  2. Secondly, negative emotional impulses interfere with the stream of energy waves coming from the energy field surrounding us.  Negative thoughts diminish and then disrupt these energy waves’ healing (nourishing) power. (Negative emotions are anger, fear, hatred, jealousy etc.)
What are these energy streams or energy waves?
Our human body is a subtle energy system that interacts with and is being supplied by streams and waves of energy from an energy field surrounding us. If this continuous flow of cosmic energy is reduced or distorted by our negative emotional impulses (negative thoughts) illness will occur.
Can we restore this smooth flow of energy and remove these energy blocks? Can we facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself? Yes, by learning to sense, feel and assess these energy flows.
Here is how it works:
When energy streams and waves are entering our body, they immediately pass through a filter – (our basic character traits) where they become restricted because of the filters’ negative condition. (See book II on ‘the character mirror’).
Second, whatever smaller amount of energy you then receive is being used by the psychosomatic network where the mind, the nervous system, the immune system and the endocrine system all interact. It is the mind however, with its attached character traits which decides (usually unconsciously) how to send chemical messengers, such as neuropeptides, which are loaded with positive or negative messages, to all systems.
Negative messages may cluster around these vices:  lust, gluttony, greed, laziness, vengeful anger, envy, jealousy, pride, etc.

The result? Negative thought forms not only restrict the energy streams coming from the field ( your surrounding environment ), but these negative thoughts and feelings also send messengers to the cell receptors triggering them to produce harmful chemicals which are precursors to sickness.

For a more detailed analysis please see Book III which clarifies how energetic thoughts not only enter the internal space of cells but, how they move into the external space of the field and manifest in your physical environment. 


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Dr. Ruprecht’s next presentation will take place on:

September 6, 2014    
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Kalibari Temple,

6815 Professional Court

  How Do Photons Communicate?

In late September, Dr. Ruprecht will be again attending an experiment at 
which will try to determine how "photons" communicate. Photons are small elementary particles (carriers of electromagnetism) which can communicate at great distances. Scientists have run-up against a wall. They are unable to explain how photons talk to each other. They now speculate that photons communicate outside "the space - time" dimension.
Does long distance healing or intense prayer use the same type of quantum mechanism outside of space and time? Does the Voodoo practitioner make use of the same communication system? More about these issues in the future.  


The New Shri Swami Narayan Temple in Toronto. A real architectural master-piece

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