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Radiant Health Newsletters  -   Issue 41
You Are Cordially Invited 

Book launch – Reception
7 PM
Thursday, December 8, 2016

180 Bloor Street West, 4th Floor
(Directly across from the Museum.
Public parking behind the building)
Please email us to reserve your place. 
Dr. Ruprecht’s “Radiant Health Workbook ”is a must-read for anyone interested in slowing down the speed of aging and mitigating the devastating effects of free radicals on body tissues and organs.

Thank you to many of you who supported Dr. Ruprecht's last book launch in 2011 where over a thousand people attended. Most members have probably never seen the following photos of that book launch. Please do not expect a repeat of another high-profile event since we have limited our invitations. 
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Take Three Progressive Steps towards “Radiant Health” by Reading Dr. Ruprecht’s Three Books
The passing of time is inevitable. Days follow on the heels of one another without hesitation or delay. It almost seems to be too much to think that we can do anything about the ravages of time in our lives or bodies. The common belief is that first we are born, then we get old, our bodies fall apart and finally we are forced to spend our twilight years in a nursing home, until we die.

My aim is to convince you that this pattern can be changed. There doesn’t have to be a relationship between age and the break-down of your organs. Yes, you will age, but if you wish to keep your body young even as the years increase you need to read my three books.

BOOKⅠ makes specific recommendations  to overcome the deficiencies of the material body based on the free radical theory of aging and suggests antioxidant rich super-foods, specific supplements, exercise and refreshing sleep. 

BOOK Ⅱ  outlines the workings of another dimension with its body – the psychic body – a state of energy connected to the physical body but separate in form. It’s dominant temperament and consequent thought processes will inevitably find expression as a state of feeling (emotions like love, jealousy, envy etc. ) which in time will inevitably affect the very protein-making mechanism of the physical body. Simply expressed; positive emotions promote health and wellness, whereas the negative emotions cause sickness and disease.

BOOK Ⅲ describes the spiritual roots and their connectedness to the body. While most religions point to a third dimension attached to our body, our popular and even esoteric literature has chosen to give it scant attention and definition. We are therefore let to believe that this dimension is part of the psychic body or simply lumped in with the term “nonphysical body.” Instead, it is a distinct entity – our real self. Just as the soul houses our emotions and our character, our spiritual body houses our consciousness, conscience, our will, intellect and feeling. This part of us is everlasting since this spirit of ours is created in “the image of God.” It is our purpose to widen the door to the knowledge of this higher spiritual self since this will spark profound changes to our well-being, and lead us to the blissful experience of “radiant health”.

BOOK III - “The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health” encourages the reader to reach the essential balance and harmony between body and soul and brings the spirit into focus. It is the spirit that affects every aspect of our life - it is our life. The task of BOOK Ⅲ is to present the reader with a clear picture of one’s own spirit with all of its functions.

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