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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 22

January 14, 2014 

Dr. Ruprecht's first lecture of 2014 is presented to the staff and entertainment group on board of the Norwegian cruise liner " Epic" . Congratulations to guest service manager Claudia C. on becoming our first 2014 member.

January 20, 2014

Dr. Ruprecht made a presentation to members of the Boulevard Club. 

January 24, 2014

Award Ceremony by the Government of Germany
         Tony Ruprecht recebe
homenagem do Governo Alemao

                                     Photo from ETC. Magazine

Some of our elite members and Anti-Aging coaches witnessed the presentation to Tony by German Ambassador Wendt and Consul General Walter Stechel who, as an intellectual,  published a number of articles on Indian culture and governance.

When presenting the award Consul General Stechel said, " I am impressed by the depth of Dr. Ruprecht's research and his ability to access and comprehend original source materials such as Max Planck's theory of thermodynamics found in quantum physics and Hegel's theory of phenomenology."


Members will have the opportunity to attend two upcoming events. Please contact us for details:

May 13, 2014
Mr. E. West will sponsor Tony at the downtown Toronto offices of MacDougall, MacDougall & Mac Tier Inc.

June 5, 2014 
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce will sponsor Tony at 7pm.
Theme: Anti-Aging Emotions of the Healthy Executive

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February 14, 2014
Camaguey Resort. Preparatory meeting for future longevity seminars with Juan - Carlos Fernandes whose grasp of our underlying philosophy was immediately apparent.

February 24, 2014
Havana. Visit to "Centro De Inmunologia Molecular" with Dr. Augustine Lahe. Discussion topic: How do molecules, as messenger peptides, carry emotional signals to cell receptors. 

March 2, 2014
Final meeting before certification with our Anti-Aging coaches .
Briar's Resort - Lake Simcoe, near Sutton, Ont.
(Anti-aging coaches need 21 hours of training for certification)

March 5, 2014
Presentation to the Centenial Bank convention. Theme: "Banking: The Healthy Executive."
Miami, Florida

March 12, 2014
On the high seas again with the Norwegian cruise liner -Epic. Supporting break-out sessions with a certified
hypnotherapist. Theme: "The After Effects of Hypnotic Therapy." Can it have lasting impact on negative habits, eliminate stress and reduce pain?

March 16, 2014
Fort Lauderdale Rolling Hills Golf Club. Members' lunch presentation. Theme: "The Spirituality Foundation of Radiant Health."

March 17, 2014
Deerfield Beach, Fl. Deercreek Golf and Country Estates. Presentation to Halve Massakas and friends.
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