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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 12


Dear friends,

Dr. Ruprecht has been invited to present his research findings at a government sponsored event on Thursday, September 13th.  

You are cordially invited to
attend his presentation

Dr. Ruprecht will focus on two questions:

1.    Can we discover how the symptoms of old age can be delayed? Yes; for the first time in human history, we have substantial control over aging – we can age faster or slower. The switch to turn-on our body’s remarkable ability to protect itself against degenerative diseases may be found in our emotions.

2.    Can we play an active part in the healing process and experience dramatic improvement in our health? Yes; numerous recent studies have been done that relate spirituality to healing. The purpose of Dr. Ruprecht’s presentation is to share these newest observations including their fundamental biological and neurological underpinnings.

Time of presentation: 1:15pm
Place: Heights City Church
Address: 477 Kingston Rd. Pickering

Free Lunch from 12:15pm to 1:15pm
Free Admission
Free Parking

Another Medal in recognition of
 Dr. Ruprecht's work this year

Member of Parliament Corneliu Chisu is presenting Dr. Ruprecht with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal 2012 for his discovery of how the symptoms of old age can be delayed and for his research linking "spirituality" with "radiant health".

Good News for Our Members

Dr. Ruprecht’s book III titled “The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health: Linking Medicine to Spirituality and Healing” will soon be available to our members. Your desire to discover a path to “radiant health” and the “fountain of youth” has now been fulfilled.
There is simply no other book available which describes in such understandable language how to slow down the aging process and heal the body and soul.
The book laid to rest the mistaken notion that your health, intelligence, beauty and energy must diminish as you grow older. Researchers now know that this belief is simply not true since practically all of the symptoms of old age can be delayed or reversed.  

After proof-reading the final draft of Tony Ruprecht’s Book III, Dr. John Hui says, “This is the biggest medical breakthrough of our time. It means that you have the ability to remain youthful, fit and healthy for the rest of your life.”

Samual Arora, a proofreader writes, “I thank God for leading me to Dr. Ruprecht’s book, No doubt it is inspirational and is a blessing to all mankind.”

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