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Radiant Health Newsletter  -  Issue 18

You are Invited
Dr. Ruprecht will make the following presentation on:

Thursday, June 27, 2013   2:00 PM
Oshawa, ON.  60 Bond St. East  L1G 8C9
Subject: Uncovering the 3 Dimensions of Radiant Health:
How to Energize and Heal the Body,
                                              Mind and Spirit

You are cordially invited to this special event where biological cell transformation, triggered by the mind, will be shown by Video.

The government of the Republic of Korea represented by Counsel General Mr. Kwang-Kyun Chung is presenting Dr. Ruprecht with a certificate of honour for his significant contribution to the welfare of the Korean Nation.

Symbols of the Korean Flag
I am delighted to tell you about the symbols of the Korean flag since they explain the essential elements and forces of the micro and macro cosmos.

The circle in the middle of the flag contains the two fundamental polarities: the red part is positive (expansive) and the blue part is magnetic (contractive). The four sections of bars on the perimeter of the flag represent the four elements. The white background on which these symbols are presented is the “ether”, the quantum field, out of which these elements arose, find their expression and their being. 

Everything that was created in the macro- cosmos as well as in the micro cosmos was brought into being through the workings of the “Elements”. The whole universe works like a clock with interdependent wheels.

In the oldest writings of the orient the elements are described as TATTWAS. The European literature only mentions them in connection with astrological influences i.e. when a personal action should or should not be taken. The student can certainly find many popular volumes attesting to such connection.
We will be moving deeper into the secrets of the elements and use a different key which has nothing to do with astrology. I will not only open the theoretical side here but show how to apply and control the workings of the elements in practice. This is quite an exciting task since this key is universal and will help explain every aspect of our existence.
According to Indian teachings the row of the Tattwas is as follows:
AKASHA       the Ether principle
TEJAS            the Fire principle
WAJU            the Air principle
APAS             the Water principle
PRITHIVI     the Earth principle
These teachings indicate that the four rougher TATTWAS had their origin in AKASHA. Therefore it is AKASHA which is the source of the elements. It is this fifth quintessential power which is all encompassing and contains the finest vibrations.

This element as well as all the others works not only in the material world but in everything that is created. The basic nature of the fire principle is HEAT and EXPANSION, which is why at the beginning of creation was fire and light. In the bible it says “fiat lux – let there be light”. Light has fire as its basic foundation. Every element has two polarities – the active and the passive, the plus and minus. The plus is always the creative, the developing. The minus on the other hand the destructive, the negative. Thus, every element bears within itself these two fundamental poles.
Since the principle of fire is expansive we can think of it as electric in the material world. It is more than that since we can find it working in the whole universe from the smallest kernel of sand to highest level of things seen and unseen.
The opposite element of fire is that of water, its fundamental nature consequently is that of COLDNESS and CONTRACTION. Here as well we find two poles. The active one is life giving and enhancing the negative is destructive, fermenting disintegrative. This element has CONTRACTION as its basic nature that is why it is providing a magnetic force. Fire and Water are thus working in all regions, the principle of  Fire could not, based on the law of creation, exist on its own if it has not an opposite pole, namely that of water. These two elements – FIRE and WATER are the basic elements with which everything was created. Therefore we need not puzzle over an issue which presents a problem as long as we think of applying the electric – magnetic fluid with its opposite polarities.
As with the other elements Air was created out of AKASHA. It has an intermediary role between the active and passive workings of Water and Fire to maintain a neutral balance. Due to this active and passive activity life became movement. The principle of Air takes in its intermediary role the warms of the Fire and the humidity of the Water. Without these two abilities life would not be possible. The principle of Air also has two polarities, the life giving and the destructive.
Let me highlight that we are not talking about ordinary Fire, Water and Air, although they are aspects of our material level; I am describing the universal nature of these elements.
Due to the movements of the first three principles the earth principle was created. It has as its specific nature that of solidity. This specific nature gave the previous elements an apparent concrete form and border such as space, mass, weight and time.
How this all applies to the various spheres, realms and the kingdom of nature is outlined in Book III – The Spiritual Foundation of Radiant Health: Linking Medicine to Spirituality and Healing. What is important here is that the reader gets the basic idea of how these elements operate in the universe and their effects in the material realm.

It is obvious, the Korean flag has special significance as its symbols contain the great wisdom of an ancient heritage and appear as timeless signposts. I invite you to explore the meaning of these symbols in greater depth not only in theory but in their practical application.


Please watch Tony's new Video about Radiant Health. Thank you.

Did You Know
Our thoughts and feelings deeply affect our health and well-being. New studies indicate that the causes and outcomes of an illness are determined by the interaction of psychological and social factors with biochemical changes that affect the immune system, the endocrine system, and the cardiovascular system.
Here’s how it works: the mind, the nervous system, the immune system, and the endocrine system form a psychosomatic network. They are continuously communicating via chemical messengers, such as neuropeptides, that can be thought of as “information substances.” These chemical messengers allow subjective mental events – falling in love, losing a job, arguing with your boss – to influence these physiological systems. Illness will appear when there is a serious disruption of these systems caused by our emotional states.
Book II- Anti-aging Emotions clearly shows you how best to navigate within this framework in order to reach our goal – “Radiant Health”.

We are continually monitoring the latest scientific breakthroughs in anti-aging development!

Presently we are reexamining and taking a fresh look at 30 studies on mind-body interaction in order to determine if thoughts of depression or thoughts of prayer can change brain cells to such a degree that they show up on a brain scan; proving that thoughts can change the body. We will report our findings to you soon.


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